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We support Lance and approve all positive comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, this is probably not the place for it.

Regardless of what I read or hear, you inspire me!
No-one can take that away from you.
This message was contributed by Stew on Sep 14th, 2010.

Thanks for showing me the way. I just wish I had been more vigilant and diligent, like you.
This message was contributed by R. Heras on Sep 14th, 2010.

Lance, without your advice I never would have had the courage to quit cycling. Riding alone with you that day was life changing.
This message was contributed by C. Bassons on Sep 14th, 2010.

We have been direct recipients of real help through the site. I would like to offer a bold THANK YOU and support for the Live Strong message of hope . Your organization does make a difference in the lives of those facing cancer whether directly or indirectly. We can vouch for that fact.

Your are an inspiration to all of us that have dealt with this disease. Keep up your life mission, continue to be fearless, vocal and forceful.

May the hater brigade crawl back in to the hole from whence they came.
Posted by Kimbro & Betsy on Sep 14th, 2010.

Without your help, I would never have flown up that mountain like I had 6'3" 170lb wings! Thanks for teaching me how to make the impossible possible!
This message was contributed by G. Hincapie on Sep 13th, 2010.

Lance my dear friend. Just wanted you to know that I am here and will support you until the very end, or until Floyd's story is corroborated - whichever comes first. Long live the king!
Posted by H. Verbruggen on Sep 13th, 2010.

Lance, we are inspired by you every time we ride. Thank you for all that you do to touch lives around the world. You have certainly touched ours.
Support provided by Rebecca and Andrew Smith on Sep 13th, 2010.

When Erich, Ernie,Gerrik and I were sick we thought a lot about our time on the National team with you and Chris. Chris was so generous in his support and later Rene and Steve as well. Whenever I see you on the TV racing or in a commercial I remember back when I used to race and how much I miss it.
This one comes from Greg Strock on Sep 13th, 2010.

lance is really awesome he is the best best best cycler of all time. -flickers son
This one comes from Jack Taylor on Sep 13th, 2010.

Thanks for all that you've taught me in the last year!
Support provided by Bert C. on Sep 13th, 2010.

Yes why are we all so quick to judge, Lance you have done a fabulous service to mankind and still are. I support you 100%
This one comes from Sharon on Sep 13th, 2010.

Thanks for teaching me so much in the last year Lance!
Posted by Bertie on Sep 13th, 2010.

Thanks for offering me the toughest challenge of my entire career.
Support provided by M. Fabiani on Sep 13th, 2010.

Life as a cycling journalist would be really boring without you, Lance. Thanks! You're the gift that keeps on giving.
Support provided by L Birnie on Sep 13th, 2010.

Thank you for your support during my racing career!
Posted by F. Simeoni on Sep 13th, 2010.

I never forget him coming into our bar with his team. He always was a generous tipper and knew not to touch. A man with manners no matter what.
Posted by Candy on Sep 13th, 2010.

You're donations over the years have been greatly appreciated, thanks Lance.
This one comes from Paddy McQ on Sep 13th, 2010.

KeepSTRONG Lance,the cycling world as a whole love you.
This one comes from David Beckett on Sep 13th, 2010.

I can't believe that Polar Bear would do that to you.
Posted by Betsy on Sep 13th, 2010.

Remember Betsy!
Support provided by Alex on Sep 13th, 2010.

You've beat the odds before - don't let this knock you down.
Support provided by Kim on Sep 12th, 2010.

Thanks Lance, for all your support for cancer research :)
Posted by TL on Sep 10th, 2010.

Drugs or no drugs - don't let them get to you Lance! No one can take away the money you've raised and the inspiration you've given people.
This message was contributed by Scott on Sep 10th, 2010.

I loved Lance's book "It's Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life" One of the quotes really stuck with me: "I've read that I *flew* up the hills and mountains of France. But you don't fly up a hill. You struggle slowly and painfully up a hill, and maybe, if you work very hard, you get to the top ahead of everybody else." As a long-distance cyclist, I know how this feels. Not in a racing sense, but in that ohmygodmyquadsaregoingtofalloffmylegsanddie kind of sense. Lance has a wry sense of humor that made his story entertaining even while he was talking about death, cancer and what having an illness like this does to your spirit. It's this quality that has made me very interested in his life and activities and he definitely has my support while going through yet another trial.
Posted by Julie on Sep 10th, 2010.

For years you have provided us with hours of entertainment as we followed your cycling journeys in the Tour de France. We spurred you on as you worked your way up through the Pyrenees, and held our breaths during your perilous descent. We cheered, teary-eyed, as you raced through the Champs-Élysées, completing the final stage of the Tour, victorious, once again.

You inspired us with your messages of hope to those stricken with cancer, and observed as you "walked the talk," by donating millions of dollars through your Livestrong Foundation toward the fight against the disease.

The good that you've done Lance, has touched the lives of thousands - it will never be forgotten. Hold on to that energy, and let it carry your through these tough times. We support you Lance!
Posted by Val on Sep 10th, 2010.

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