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We support Lance and approve all positive comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, this is probably not the place for it.

Lance it's never been about the bike I mett you 10 years ago, I'm a life coach I have assisted thousands of people attain their goals throughout the years. What amazed me about you was not the feats on the bike the inspiration you gave to millions of people, hope for a better tomorrow. When you rode the tour and won all those championships no one can take that feeling of winning from you. I'm amazed when people that have never played any kind of sports or know what its like to win or lose or feel that magical euphoria of winning, think they can strip and athlete of his accomplishments just by laws or words, I feel sorry for them. Lance drugs or no drugs you still pedal your bike into the hearts of millions. Thank you for being the people's champion. God bless your next endeavor. Your #1 fan.
Posted by Fidel Hernandez on Jul 19th, 2013.

Dear Lance,

despite the doping scandal for me you are a phenomenal and extraordinary sportsman, inspiring and admirable.........
All the best to you and your family.
This one comes from Ivona Holzer on Jul 18th, 2013.

I just turned 50 this year and chose cycling as my "Mid-Life" crisis focus. I watched all of your Tour wins and will continue to watch you win forever. Thank You for all that you stand for and God Speed.
This message was contributed by Chris Ducker on Jul 17th, 2013.

You rock Lance. I'm sorry about all of this crap, and you being made an example of. You were and are the best! Keep your chin up.
Posted by Mike on Jul 17th, 2013.

And don't forget how they stripped the World Heavyweight Champion Mohammed Ali of his title for having the nerve to protest the Vietnam war in 1967. I have no doubt, like Ali, History will redeem you.
Posted by Jane on Jul 9th, 2013.

We can't wait for you to come back to Ragbrai! You are still our hero, and you'll have more fun in Iowa than you may ever had on a bike anywhere this year. We love you and just want you to have what we have- lots of corn, beer, pie, friends, and laughter!! The quote applies here, " is this heaven? No, it's Iowa! See you out there. Susie scot for Team MSH. :)
Posted by Susie Scott on Jul 8th, 2013.

Lance- I have followed your career since you were a Triathlete, mowing down the best riders in the sport at the ripe old age of 15, winning the world championship on treacherous roads through your battle with cancer, and your PR battles up to this very day. You still are a tremendous inspiration to me and though I am recovering from being broadsided by a car on my TT bike, I will ride as long as time allows.
How does the USADA have standing/jurisdiction to strip you of tour victories acquired in Europe? How is it that others on the podium and in the peloton were caught doping but have gotten a mere slap on the wrist? You did for cycling what Tiger Woods did for golfing, if not more, made a lot of people a lot of money and now they are all staring at their shoes, and shrugging their shoes like ten year olds.
The pressure on pro cyclists is indescribable, and the entire peloton does what they have to do to live up to the necessary standards. You are a champion and in fact won those Yellow jerseys on a level playing field.
Have the courses for the majors, especially the tour become more difficult/dangerous over the past twenty years, demanding higher performance levels, thus demanding behaviors they now condemn? The hypocracy is ludicrous.
Even though you confessed, the emperical evidence is just not there.

Alll my best to you and your family, I still support you as do millions of others. Keep your chin up and expose the true hypocrites like Landis and the USADA!

Walter C.
This message was contributed by Walter Claiborne on Jul 5th, 2013.

I will always stand behind you and support you, Lance. You accomplished more than anyone in history after an illness that would have killed most people. You were better than anyone, and the self-righteous slime who set out to get you are mere insects, while you are a Giant, and you will always remain so. I hope you keep inspiring everyone like me, who took up cycling 2 years ago at age 64 to get healthy, which I have done, and now am 50 pounds lighter. Not only that but I love cycling and do about 125 miles a week and hope to keep cycling forever. I hope to meet you someday. God Bless you and keep up your good work any way that you can.
Posted by Joseph Poley on Jul 3rd, 2013.

I am still a fan. It seems ridiculous that millions and millions of taxpayer money and the FBI were used to prove that a single American, about a decade ago, in a bike race in France, used banned drugs in the off-season, in a race where *ALL* of the competition has already been busted for drugs. The ONLY people who might benefit from this will be the corporate sponsors who may now try to sue Lance (as if they didn't get their money's worth during that time -- Yeah, right, what a joke!). AND an otherwise GREAT foundation will suffer as a result.

Note that basically ALL of the other people who have been busted have had *little or no* consequences -- and many of them are STILL riding in the tour.

Honestly, this is ridiculous and a complete waste. Floyd Landis is a total blackmailing chump, by the way.

Hope things start going better for you!!!

This one comes from Geoff F. on Jul 3rd, 2013.

Very glad Lance is riding RAGBRAI this year. Iowa welcomes you!

A high point of my RAGBRAI 2007 ride was hearing Lance talk in Newton. Then it was off the chart the next day when I was stopped for some pork chop fuel, and Lance stopped in for a quick chat with the famous Mr. Porkchop!

Great job raising millions for cancer research, and on seven Tour de France wins!
This one comes from Robb Steinbeck on Jul 2nd, 2013.

My father died of brain cancer after fighting for over a year. He did a triathlon two weeks before he died. He was 63. My mother at 60 was diagnosed with breast cancer but beat it and still runs and rides. We are a family of athletes and fighters and have been Lance fans since the beginning. His story helped us face the darkness and overcome it. I am 25 today and can't imagine life without Lance Armstrong. No matter what I will support Lance until the end. He gave us hope and the strength to believe in ourselves and to fight. Even if all else turn away I will be a fan until the day I die. You are my hero, Lance, and that will never change. I still wear my yellow band with pride. Livestrong forever!
Posted by Sam Williamson on Jun 27th, 2013.

Drugs or no drugs, Lance is a hero, a champion, and an inspiration. Although what he did was not good, he did what he had to and should always be considered a hero.
This message was contributed by Jett on Jun 21st, 2013.

Lance is a legend, my hero and my idol.
Support provided by David on Jun 9th, 2013.

I got the tattoo live strong on my chest so I guess you could say I stepped up as the chairman :P no but for real respect to lance I'm only 19 so I don't have a fancy bike or anything but my will power is my curse so keep on that bike everybody!!!
This one comes from Michael Roy Abbott on Jun 6th, 2013.

The government spent tens of millions going after Lance. Wouldn't it of been nice if they spent that money on something like cancer research or feeding the hungry in this nation.
This message was contributed by Jeff P. on May 28th, 2013.

When my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and began her treatments, she found you on TV winning your first TOUR!! The inspiration and strength you gave her during disease is incalculable. I found you through my grandmother, and her and I watched you come back year after year. I fell in love with cycling because of the USPS postal team. I even found that I love riding my bicycle again!! I found strength and courage in myself, by watching you and everything you were able to accomplish. MR. ARMSTRONG, I can never thank you enough for what you did for my grandmother and myself. LIVESTRONG. I always will, wearing my yellow bracelet I might add.
Posted by Matthew on May 25th, 2013.

Lance, it was because of you that I ran a 5k 2 days after my (6th)chemo infusion for lupus nephritis ( kidney disease caused by Lupus). You gave me the motivation to get up off my a**, stop feeling like sh** and sorry for myself. I finished that 5k that day ( my slowest time ever) as sick as a dog form the chemo, but it is something I will never forget as long as I live. Thanks for the motivation and all the years of exciting racing. I have been a fan and will always be a fan.
This one comes from Angelo L. on May 23rd, 2013.

Bravo to Dr. Dewitt Prater. Please deseminate your words wherever they may have influence.
This one comes from Jane on May 15th, 2013.

MY CONSIDERED OPINION: What USADA has done to Lance for punishment has gone too far, it's a bludgeoning, and not within ANY standards of how ANY other athelete has been given consequences. They won't even let him complete in swimmming, they pulled him out of a Masters Swim race last month.. Banned for life??? from all sports??? I think that's ridiculous. That's wrong and not in keeping with standards of UCI, WADA, or any anti-doping agency. USADA is waaay out of line, and they are using Lance as a scapegoat for all cyclists that have used performance enhancing drugs. Lance didn't start PEDs in cycling, and he cannot stop PEDs in cycling......that's the job of the governing bodies. USADA says that he should come talk to them.... I don't believe that Lance needs to go in and talk to USADA, because USADA already has all the info on "how it's done" from the other 10 cyclists, who talked to them. The other cyclists were "bought" in a plea bargain, minimal punishment, to save their own own careers, so that USADA could take away Lance's career. Sure, let's crush the guy who has done more for cancer support and research and inspiration, than any individual, and treat him unfairly compared to any.... other.... athelete..... ever. Geeze!
USADA says US Postal team had most "sophisticated plan ever in history", a bit melodramatic and missing facts dispute that.......have they not heard of Festina affair, and Operation Puerto, in cycling? They also were "sophisticated", and had nothing to do with Lance.
Here are examples of USADA giving Lance a bludgeoning, and not fair punishment, compared to all the other confessed or caught cyclists, in America, Europe, or any sport: Levi Leipheimer came in 3rd in Tour de France, with Lance at first place....they didn't take away Levi's jersey. Christian VDV won US championship, during same time period, USADA didn't take away his jersey. Dave Z won US time trial championship, during same time period, USADA didn't take away his jersey. Ivan Basso from Italy, won the Giro d'Italia, using PEDs tested positive, the UCI did not take away his jersey, the governing bodies just gave the usual fair and standard punishment of 2 year suspension. Then Ivan Basso came back to cycling. That's fair. Alberto Contador, who tested positive and won the Tour de France, whist his jersey was taken away, he only served 6 months effective ban from cycling. Then he came back to his cycling career. George Hincapie won the US championship previously, during Lance's time, they did not take away his jersey. The list of cyclists with fair punishment goes on and on. So USADA is waaaaay out of line, complete abuse of power by not keeping with standard consequences to Lance, compared to other atheletes. Has he done it worse than them, maybe, has he done things better than them? Definitely.
Remember the US Constitution? It provides that punishment should fit the crime, no cruel and unusual punishment. That's a very important concept, but USADA doesn't have the internal moral compass to abide by it. Maybe USADA are just hoping that if other atheletes see Lance get drawn and quartered above and beyond the standards of USA and UCI and WADA standards, then all atheletes will suddenly "be good", an intimidation tactic. But the thing is, that doesn't work. Why not just put a bloody horse head under the sheets, like the Godfather, if they want scare tactics. Lance didn't start the culture of performance enhancing drugs, it had been going on for years. For example, years before, Team Barloworld completely folded and dispersed the team, because of PEDs on their team. So did team Rabobank last year. And T-Mobile several years ago. All NOTHING to do with Lance. It was due to THEIR riders, the culture of performance enhancing drugs. But to hear the media, and USADA, you'd think Lance was the cause of all PED issues. And he's not, not by a long shot.
I think Lance needs to be treated fairly, like the 100's of other "caught" cyclists have been over the years..... a standard 2 yr ban. I doubt any other athlete has been suspended for life, from all sports, that's just crazy....that's why I see USADA's treatment as a bludgeoning, inconsistent with world cycling standards, and miscarriage of justice. Lance is on the floor being kicked by anyone walking by,.....I feel sick about that. Enough is enough. Come up with a FAIR consequence. Heck even after Americans Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamiltor served their 2 year ban, they were allow to return to their sport, their cycling career. If teams didn't want them, that's a different issue, and their choice. I really believe that USADA should let Lance swim, let him run, let him be ultramarathoner. Let him serve a fair ban, then let him be. Quit the stoning of him by the masses, remember the Mary Magdalen lesson? It taught that she was about to be unfairly put to death, for "crimes" that eveyone does too. Lance's mistakes on the bike, are really nothing in comparison to the good he has done off the bike. People say "he ruined people's career".....I've studied many of those details, and those cases, the cyclists ruined their own career, they chose to dope too. They weren't tied down, they were adults who made their own choices. They could have walked away. They probably realized the same thing Lance can't win unless you use PEDs, that's the culture. Lance's 7 jerseys couldn't be given to the second or third or fouth, or 20th rider in the tour de France race, because they were all guilty of PEDs use! If that doesn't shine a light on the problem, nothing will. So let's quit blaming Lance for everything, and lighten up. He is still a great man. We all have our light and dark sides.

I thinkg that USADA is example of abuse of power. How are we supposed to trust them in the future when some atheletes get off with minimal punishment, and other's get bludgeoned? Lance is not the problem, he is a symptom of a culture that UCI and WADA, and USADA need to fix. The biological passport testing goes a long way in fixing the problem, an improvement. Crushing a man completely out of any sports, does not fix the problem. Lastly, I think that France ought to be able to decide who wears their yellow jerseys, it's THEIR race, not America's. It's on their soil, not America's. I have never understood that. I don't think America has any role to control another country's sport. There is a serious jurisdiction issue that USADA has overstepped as well. These big races are in EUROPE, not America, and they should be making the decisions. For those people who judge Lance harshly and superiorly, I wonder what they think of the doping in the NFL, Baseball, and other American sports. Suddenly everyone is quiet. American sport atheletes are essentially not tested. Don't talk, don't tell. But hey, let's downtalk the cyclists, who are at least trying to clean up their sport. That is hypocritical. So I think we, America, should go back to the standard of fair is fair, and don't hang one man, for the sins of all the cyclists, and don't hang one man when so many of the other US atheletes are doing the same thing, untested, unadmitted. Enough is enough. Let Lance do his 2 year ban, then come back to his career in sports, at LEAST in swimming, or running, or ultramarathoning. Like everyone else. Fair is fair.
Posted by Sue DeWitt Prater MD on May 14th, 2013.

Awesome blog post. Great.
This one comes from digital camera guide on May 13th, 2013.


Posted by ROBERT on May 6th, 2013.

And what about all the overly-beefed, souped-up Mr. Universes? Should they also have their titles stripped? Rewards confiscated? Lance is an innate healer with power to uplift and inspire. What are you haters trying to do? A new edition of the crucifiction? I'm bummed out.
Anyway, I'm walking the "Great Saunter" on Saturday (32 miles around Manhattan Island). My first attempt at age 72. I may finish. Doping on Lance.
This message was contributed by Jane on Apr 30th, 2013.

You're okay. Be at peace. Your courage comforts and inspires me.
Support provided by JoAnn Elizabeth Lockwood on Apr 26th, 2013.

In a world where politicians and the such LIE daily and as a result millions die and generations are left in poverty and misery, to chastise a man, who after all was just riding a bicycle is just plain SICK!!! - what ever he has done....his charity collected more than 500 million usd for really in this case, the ends to justify the means...i only wish that there can be more people like Lance!!! and Mr. Armstrong....Pls hold your head up HIGH! screw the idiots of the world who want to avenge their short comings and complexities on you. GOOD JOB !!!!
This message was contributed by nami on Apr 24th, 2013.

Lance, you have more supporters than you realize. God bless you my brother, we are all here to support you because of the impact you have made on so many lives! Dan Lubers
Support provided by Dan Lubers on Apr 23rd, 2013.

Lance you are better than a good person. Lives have been saved, mums,wives,sisters,dads,husbands,brothers because of you LANCE ARMSTRONG and dont forget to remember how good you felt walking into those wards. My wife works in cancer research and your name lives on brother! I grew up in africa, in the bush and there is a species called the " wild dog" weak on there own but ferocious in a pack, like certain media.
This one comes from pete chapman on Apr 23rd, 2013.

I support you and think you have done wonderful things. I don't actually care whether you did or didn't - your actions in a race don't mean nearly as much to me as everything you have done and stood for since! You are a fabulous athlete and a fabulous spokesman for a vast and necessary cause. Thank you for what you have done!
Support provided by Catriona on Apr 22nd, 2013.

Dear Lance,
Have a wonderful day. Just lending my voice to the many. You have inspired me to go beyond my limits, to be brave and to fly - running, hiking, biking, any kind of challenge. Your positive mark on the world can never be erased.
This one comes from Jane Alexander on Apr 22nd, 2013.

lance have been your biggest fan since the very beginning of your cycling career back in the early 90's and till this day will continue to support and love you . you have mr. armstrong
you have been the biggest inspiration in my life . and always will be . lance we all make mistakes in life but not all of us are as brave as you to admit to them . lance continue being the awesome man that you are and remember that there are people like myself that will always love and support you no matter what you do . it's sad to see how most people only remeber the bad about a person and not remember all the great things a pesron has accoplished . again lance i will always love and support you no matter what continue being the awesome man that you are, and always remember to livestrong, afterall without you livestrong would not of existed
This message was contributed by keith on Apr 19th, 2013.

LA, I had never be interested in watching or following a TDF until 1999. I would be certain that is the case for millions of people, and if they deny it they would be lying. You could have just won 7 TDF titles and gone about your buisness but you chose to advocate for cancer survivors. I don't care one bit about your PDF use. For me, it doesn't tarnish one single victory or kind gesture. You are a team player which was evident on the stage (I don't know the year or location) where you, Floyd, Jan and Andreas had broken away and were headed to the finish. You were OBVIOUSLY trying to get Floyd the win but it didn't work out so you took the win for the team. A ego driven racer would not have waited for Jan when he crashed off the mountainside. Too often people are quick to point out flaws and remiss to remember the good traits.
Posted by eric l on Apr 11th, 2013.

Hey Lance you still have plenty of support out there,I hope you've read some of these tributes.YOU will ALLWAYS be the GREATEST CYCLIST ever,you still had to get out there and train hard,you didn't just lay on the couch then get up and do the Tour. You are being singled out because you won 7 times,with or without medals you still WON,besides even more important than the cycling is the LIVESTRONG foundation and all the help and encouragement you have given others,the cycling fed. can't take that from you.Every time I'm unhappy with my cycling time in an event I still say "well I ain't no Lance Armstrong"by the way I was in an event with you-the Desert Princess duathlon in Palm Springs years ago. Take care we all still admire you.
Support provided by C.Molohon on Apr 11th, 2013.

I think that lance armstrong is very great although he did take drugs every cyclist in the top ten did too, but lance won so that shows that he is still athletically the best
also he went through a painful cancer also i have to do a assignment for we can make a difference and i choose lance because he has raised over 500 million us dollars for cancer patients and i think that he really does have talet and is a great person who went through cancer i have also read his book its not about the bike and even though he did lie he is still very kind and he probably got forced into taking drugs from his coach or a personal trainer
This message was contributed by chlolelas on Apr 3rd, 2013.

Lance, thank you so much for being an inspiration to others with cancer. My wife is a breast cancer survivor and we got huge support from your foundation during her treatments. You never claimed to be perfect and you have always given without expecting anything in return. There are a lot of people out there that really appreciate what you have done for others. Thank you Lance.
This message was contributed by Octavio Samayoa on Mar 30th, 2013.

Lance, as a one time and many year expert class Motocross racer, avid jogger and lifelong cyclist, I have looked up to you my whole life. I firmly believe that with your inner strength, ability and determination you could have accomplished it all without any outside advantage. Your incredible ability, and drive has been an inspiration. Those that are not in the high physical demand sports games do not realize that outside chemical advantages can only add but a small percentage to one's ability. You cannot become Superman-plus without already being Superman. You are Superman. Your attention to those in need and cancer research have extraordinarily helped mankind. It took courage and fortitude to come forward and I see this as a virtue not a deficit. You are still my hero!
This one comes from Wayne Feulner on Mar 26th, 2013.

Was running through my PC this morning cleaning up stuff. Ran across the Magnet commercial. Still one of the best commercials ever. Even if the sponsor who made it has left you behind.

It's one of the best because it's about the work it takes to achieve success. Long hours. Lonely hours. Through all kinds of pain. Cancer. Rain. Darkness. Light. Feeling strength from unlikely places. Energized by support you can see. And support you cannot see. And the inspiration to start. From wherever you are. With whatever your assets are. Even if there is no one else on the road.
This one comes from Ken M. on Mar 26th, 2013.

Lance, read your book it's not about the bike...outstanding! Gave the book to a friend when they got a positive cancer diagnosis. My father just got diagnosed with Liver and Stomach cancer. If anyone reading this would forward your Oncologist name to my email address, I'd geatly appreciate it. Kind regards and best wishes.
Support provided by Dave Stewart on Mar 24th, 2013.

God Bless You Lance. It really isn't about the bike.
Posted by Millie on Mar 22nd, 2013.

Mr. Armstrong:
I have followed your life and career for many years. I am a former resident of the State of Texas BTW, which means the opportunity to read, hear and learn about you and your various accomplishments, trials and challenges was vast and widespread. To me, observing anyone who has overcome critical life challenges to continue and succeed in life and then contribute to the greater good of society, leading by an uncompromising determination, such as you, gets at least one "free pass". The world is full of millionaire atheletes, politicians, business men and business women, rock stars and entertainers who contribute absolutely nothing to make the suffering of others more sustainable. Sir, millions of people around the world and here in the United States have the wherewithal to make a real difference and still do not even lift a finger. When I think of the sacrafice you have made to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself and your fellow team mates as well as a sport and several industries ... and even while in the "face of death", even in someone's (your) most disparate moments, surely dark, felt by you while alone with those thoughts and feelings, you Sir, rose above the jaws of tribulation and defeat and refused anything less that an uncompromising measure of success ... trumps anything anyone could accuse you of, including yourself, and including consuming the so-called performance enhancing drugs. Though we will most likely never meet, I stand with you: anytime, anywhere. Carry on.
This one comes from Shawn G Brown on Mar 21st, 2013.

Keep going buddy, and we'll hook up some time soon!
This one comes from Edgar Choade on Mar 20th, 2013.

I don't give a dam who is pointing a finger at who, what you have achieved is remarkable, something that Laurent Fignon remarked on in his book . Not just the sports sucess you have enjoyed, the coming back from cancer but also the hope you have given me when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. He unfortunately didn't win the fight but through your work with Livestrong and your books you helped me to understand and come to terms with it all. I can only say THANKS LANCE for every thing and hope that this small message will help you through these difficult times.

Regards David
This one comes from David Gibson on Mar 10th, 2013.

I am displaying the Lance support badge on my blog for you. You are such a big inspiration. Live strong, Lance. x
This message was contributed by Ellie Simpson on Mar 9th, 2013.

I watched your interview with Opra, and my heart broke for you. I am afraid that you feel that you can't get passed everyting that has transpired, but you couldn't be more wrong. It took a greaat amount of courage to display your faults (we all have them). Your interview had such a profound effect on me, and I have cried for you. I cried for your agony, and I cried because you now have a chance to become the kind of person YOU want to be. Bellieve it or not, that interview was your salvation. Please hold your head high, and recognize the true person you are becoming. You are free now......I just can't tell you how much I admire you.
Support provided by Christy Klein on Mar 5th, 2013.

Please take the time to remember that there are others out there that have made mistakes as earth shaking as yours. Continue to move on and do what you can toward the positive. We that have made such mistakes know that we are and are still good people. So Are you. All you can do now is watch what you do in the future and keep selling the good things that occured because of your survival of cancer. If you were to do a public engagement to speak frankly about the things that occured and your reasons for making some decisions I would want to attend or watch it on tv. Maybe that is for off in the future. I stongly suspect that what you used to beat cancer The methods employed were similar to the other things that caused you to excel and it was hard not use them attain success at bicycling. Continue to be open write a book, tell what feel you did right what you did wrong. I'll buy the book.. Take care in everything their all watching now. May god's good grace be on you. Peace and love to you always. Larry
Posted by Larry on Mar 4th, 2013.

Lance, we support you position, we believe, that you are the greatest bicyclist in the world! We sincerely thank you for the impressive victories.
Vladimir & Svetlana from Rostov-on-Don
This message was contributed by V. Polinsky on Mar 2nd, 2013.

You are still a hero. The foundation you started helps millions of people going through the hardest competition they will ever face. YOU HAVE AND STILL REPRESENT THE SPIRIT OF COURAGE AND UNWAVERING WILL TO WIN. My family and I are going through this battle with three of our group in treatment. My wife,mother and father. I will not let them quit. You and your foundation are a constant source of inspiration. I and my family will always respect and remember your greatist achievments. Strength ,courage and willpower.
Posted by Richard Asbury on Feb 27th, 2013.

Respected Sir,

You are an inspiration to many.I believe that the way you have led your life,the immense strength and determination that you possess is commendable.You have the
courage to surpass the many storms that you face.You have always emerged a victor in life's battles and no matter who says what I am going to stand by your side forever.You have played an important role in my life.When I hit my rock bottom your books came as a savior and source of power to me.
We are all here to support you !
You are still my hero !
You continue to inspire me !
I will always believe in you !
Keep the faith !

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
Mehul Singh
Posted by MEHUL SINGH on Feb 26th, 2013.

Dear Lance i will always stand behind you your still the best for ever
This one comes from loes blom on Feb 24th, 2013.

Sometimes good people make bad decisions. What is important is that you step up and make things right. Looks like you are doing that. Things may seem pretty bad right now, but it is all part of Gods plan. You can handle this - and some how you will be a stronger/better person for it!! Hang tight - there will be light at the end of this tunnel!! You will move on and so will everyone else! Things WILL get better - they ALWAYS do!!
This one comes from Kris on Feb 22nd, 2013.


I'm not a cycling fan, but know of your fame. Have seen the Oprah interview in pieces, and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for doing the right thing. I know some people who are toruting me with lies right now and wish they could do the right thing but they can't . You coming clean has given me hope for humanity. You should be proud. You'll thank yourself later. Anyone who can admit to his failings is a winner despite what the world thinks.
This one comes from GT on Feb 22nd, 2013.

Lance your cancer organization has done a lot of good for many people. Unfortunately your personal vendettas have been exposed for what they were. You need to publicly apologize for ruining those peoples lives. I don't think many people care that you doped; we pretty much realize it was pervasive. But your destructive actions against other innocent people must be repented for.
Support provided by BH on Feb 22nd, 2013.

Lance, besides all facts and theories that came up after your brave act of adminiting the use of enhancing substances I believe you are the most amazing cyclist ever. I can see lots of people judging you without looking to its own lives and behaviours and the most important think, without seing your contribution to the the sport and to the lives of cancer patients. You still have millions of fans in Brazil and your presence here for a speaking class would be hugely appreciated. I hope God give you the strenght and wisdow to deal with this whole situation and serenety to understand human mind. I will be your support fan here in Brazil. My best regards my friend and good luck. Giuliano.
Support provided by Giuliano (Brazil) on Feb 17th, 2013.

you will always be a hero to millions of people around the world.
Posted by sean on Feb 16th, 2013.

Lance, you beat cancer and have helped lots of people fight that horrible disease. You are an inspiration, I don't care about de doping thing, no one is perfect, everybody can make a mistake. You are a true hero, I sincerely hope this hard times will pass away soon. Don't pay attention to all the bashing, be sure there are `people who love you and believe in you no matter the other things, LOTS OF LOVE LANCE, YOU ARE AMAZING, BE STRONG!!!!
This message was contributed by Silvana on Feb 13th, 2013.

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This message was contributed by Boris on Feb 13th, 2013.

Drugs or no drugs almost everyone on the pro cycling circuit is doping so what the big deal is, im unsure?
How do the public think it is possible to cycle up the French Alps at the speeds you do? No one would be interested in watching the tour if the cyclists weren't able to ride at the speeds they do with such ease. Still a champion in my eyes
This message was contributed by Tosh on Feb 12th, 2013.

Dear Lance, I hope this message finds you well. I just want to say that I appreciate all the awareness and money you have raised for cancer research. We have nothing to forgive you because we all make mistakes and we are no one to judge you or anyone else. Keep your head up, keep praying, your family and friends that love you will be there no matter what, just like those of us that believe in cancer research and in helping those fighting cancer will continue to support Livestrong no matter what. God bless you and your family and may you soon have peace from all this media nonsense. We all know what really matters...its family, its friends, its our lives.
This message was contributed by Vanessa Fernandez on Feb 11th, 2013.

We love and support you Lance. You are an amazing athlete and philanthropist. My son and I are bolstered by your courage and fortitude. My husband was tragically killed, and since that time everything continues to go wrong. Sometimes it's difficult for us to go on. You continue to be an inspiration to us in numerous ways. Please ignore the negative comments out there and know that you have a lot of supporting coming your way. God Bless You!
This one comes from Kelly on Feb 10th, 2013.

Who doesn't make mistakes? Exactly,everyone does eventually. Mistakes stars have made seem really bad everyone thinks but some of the mistakes are regular person could have made. Going out on Lance is like going out on yourself.
This one comes from Nicole on Feb 8th, 2013.

LANCE! F those D bags. Really. All you. You did that. Your hard work did it all. You motivate millions. I am still impressed, as are most of us. Stay strong, stay involved, and keep doing what you do best.
Posted by Geoffrey Bruder on Feb 8th, 2013.

Dear Lance,
I honestly don't belive that you have anything to feel regret about. Over the years, I gained much pleasure from watching and thinking about your performances, as well as your determination in your fight with cancer. You and your achievements inspired me to be strong when it was my turn to fight 'The Big C'. I am now 18 months post treatment, and back to my job as a PE and Health teacher. You still remain a great inspiration to me, and I am proud to tell people that I still remain a fan. I hope that one day you are able to make a comeback in the sport that you love. Be strong, and don't let the cynics take away the pride that you have in your past victories. All the best, Champion!
Posted by Frank Pasqua on Feb 8th, 2013.

What you did was a terrible thing. But I forgive you. May you finally have peace of mind and may God grant you salvation.
This message was contributed by Carrie on Feb 6th, 2013.

Hey guy sorry about all of your bad luck. The loss of income etc., etc.
I am sure you have already thought about this, but in case if you haven't, then allow me to sujest this to you.
I feel for sure that there is a Hollywood Producer, who would pay you big bucks to make a move about you. Then pay you royalties for years to come.
Start Marketing yourself to the Hollywood crowd.
Good luck.
This one comes from Wanga D. Ezell on Feb 5th, 2013.

In many ways we can't imagine what you are going through. Yes you made many mistakes but you still made a big difference in people's life through your work with cancer and people. You can never go back and have to live with what you did, but you have just as much good that you have done in this world. My husband who passed away recently deeply respected you and I will continue that respect. Who around us has not made mistakes. Let the one who is perfect throw the first stone. I hope that you can find your way back into this world and that you will be able to continue some of the work you did.
This one comes from Ru Whitfield on Feb 4th, 2013.

Hi lance,oprah interview was far and away your finest moment,i mean that sincerely. Loved the bravery and courage. The biggest error you can possably make here is to feel as though everything through your life has been in vain. The thing that came through strongest in the interview is that you truely are a world champion,the guy who has the determination to rise above anything and everything. This level of determination is very special and very rare, please don't waste this golden oppurtunity to apply these qualities to all areas of your life and your future. Even though they try to erase what you did,you still achieved these things,you trained harder than the rest,were stronger than the rest. I was in a mental hospital with schzophrenia for over six months and my future looked totally hopeless.This happened in 2001 and now i am the manager of a successful kitchen manufacturing company in australia called timbertop kitchens and have been manager for 4 and a half years. No easy road but remember in the end determination wins the day, you know this better than all of us. The ego is set to take some hits but we are better off without this anyway so it's actually a benificial thing. Please don't waste your amazing character developement and superhuman determination. The world needs you. All those hurtful comments from others is a wonderful oppurtunity to learn to be amazingly forgiving. Not always easy i know,sometimes seems almost impossable, hang in there and chose to love no matter what. In those dark moments we all need the light of spirituality, buddhism is amazing,christianity is amazing although a bit too hard for me to live up to.Hold onto hope, you would make an amazing politician or personal trainer. Take that amazing character that you have earned the hard way and let that shine through. Call out to God for help,he loves you no matter what you believe. I am by no means a buddhist or a christian and never go to church or buddhist temples or anything like that buy i know that reading buddhist books is light years beyond anything therapy or psychology has to offer, the perfect tonic for when the thinking becomes dark and negative. Remember the character you have forged through all those battles you have faced through life. love god king and country and the two most powerful words on the planet, I CAN. Start a new charity, guide people through hard times, going through hard times helps you help others who are in trouble or struggling. It tests and forges our resolve. Don't fear what some people say but fear losing your determination, enthusiasm for life,love for others and resolve in what you want to achieve. When people have a go at you,think not about how to get them back but think of all of those peoples lives that you gave hope to,think of all those people that you helped when everything in their world looked hopeless. Hang onto that through the hard times. Be brave and strong, let the situation develope your forgiveness and resolve. Cheers and remember those powerful two words, I CAN. Yours sincerely,bob.
Posted by ROBERT MCHARG on Feb 4th, 2013.

Hello, Lance:
For the first time I learned your name from sports news, but not because I was the fan of cycling or in general any sports though in my youth I did swimming + water polo. I got interested much more in how you conquered your cancer.
Following Paul Bragg I am the Healthy Life Extension Specialist that is in my 75 years I physically correspond to standards of 40-50 years and more than 45 years I don't address to doctors and medicines.
My Healthy Life System (Sergei Komkov-Epshtein LOVE and LEARN: Invitation To Super Health ISBN , Raja Yoga, physical activities, including the run (in the past I have run 5 marathon distances), swimming in ice water, hunger/fasting therapy.
My theory and practice consists in the fact that under the extreme physiological conditions organisms throw in the reserves (of the immune systems), which clean and revitalize organs. In my system there is nothing, that was not tested in the millennia.
When this scandal with drugs burst, I told the friends that it is necessary to award Lance as the winner of a cancer, and if drugs helped him with it, to allow narcotics as medicine even to athletes and to make corresponding changes to the rules of competitions.
I am ready to participate as the attorney of health in the rehabilitation of your name.
I have other projects, directed toward the physical and mental sanitation of nations, and I will be glad if we do it together.
This message was contributed by Sergei Komkov-Epshtein on Feb 3rd, 2013.

Dear Lance,
Just want to say "Thank you" for the many years you inspired me!!!
You made me a better person and definitely a better rider.
Hang in there, it will get better.
George Hobson
This message was contributed by George Hobson on Feb 3rd, 2013.

Julian Barnes wrote on his latest work; "... History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation..."
So who are we to judge? He does not owe any apology to any of us or 'the media' for sure. To whom? It is not of my business. That is his own private judgment. He played by the rules. All of the Teams at that time were playing by the same rules. All of them are AMAZING athletes by the way. The fact is he won. And he won on Cancer. Lance made or makes a true effort on cancer fight. That is also a fact. This is the history as we should write it.
Support provided by martin hernandez on Feb 2nd, 2013.

It takes GUTS to admit our faults and failings publicly - YOU'VE NOW DONE IT-YOU ARE SO BRAVE- (HOW MANY COULD DO THAT WITHOUT BLAMING (dobbing in) SOMEONE ELSE - not many.
I have become a fan of yours and will be praying for you and your family (don't be angry or frustrated with yourself - just take things on a daily basis - I say one day at a time -and when I get through that day -I'm so THANKFUL and encouraged to then take on the next day with all of its new issues).
my sister died of cancer when she was 40 yrs old - I watched her take her last breath -that was my biggest challenge -she was my best friend. I to have come through hard times - no dad - mother worked all the hours God sent - but what appeared to be a disadvantage -actually proved to be a positive - I was DETERMINED TO WORK HARD AND ACHIEVE. LANCE be strong and LIVESTRONG - YOUR BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF YOU.
Jo from United Kingdom

This one comes from Jo on Feb 1st, 2013.

Call everyone you ever hurt and tell them you are sorry, because you know you did seem things that were uncool. After that, lift your head up and move forward. You are going to do great things and the public will forgive. They love to tear you down, but they also love to see an underdog, too. Just take the high road at every split in the road and you will do just fine. We support you.
Support provided by Adam B on Feb 1st, 2013.

what exactly did you do wrong? our society wants the best athletes to be better, and you delivered.thanks, by the way where is the outrage and the persecution for what those idiots on wall street, the worthless politicians, and the "entitled" have done to this country, foad to them one will be as hard on you as you will be.
This message was contributed by frank benson on Jan 31st, 2013.

Lance, i know that you know that what you did was cheeting and wrong, for all your wreasons i just want to say that EVERYONE, you me everybody posting here has made bad decisions. I just need to say that we are here to help you overcome the repercussions and see you not only into recovery but a new and beter stage in your life.
Support provided by Steve on Jan 31st, 2013.

Be strong Lance, you have come clean and i believe you , well done , your life will be richer now
all the best
Support provided by CHRIS CURRIE on Jan 30th, 2013.

The selfish want to bring you down because you have proven yourself to be selfless. You are an amazing person! Don't let anyone or anything take that from you. Hold your head high, for those who aim to bring you down only wish they could hold their head half as high.
This message was contributed by Lia North on Jan 30th, 2013.

I want you to know that you are the best of the best. Nobody can ever change that but you. As my father always says to me "You are your own worst enemy." Believe in yourself and nobody will ever be able to bring you down. But in times of self doubt know that by me posting this, you have my support as well as everyone else who posted on this site. We believe in you. Live strong.
Posted by Jennah on Jan 29th, 2013.

Well, it's been an interesting journey. I enjoyed the two sessions on Oprah recently as it gave us a partial glimpse into your psyche. It was telling that your son defending you was your defining moment in all this. I can imagine how it would have brought you up short. Bottom line, I am a Lance Armstrong fan, always have been. I'm not wild about the doping but I'm not that put off by it either. I still think you're a hell of an athlete with an opportunity here to serve mankind as few others can. I don't know how you will do it. I simply believe that you will. I see you subverting your personal need for accomplishment for a bigger cause of serving others.
I advance to you the life of Eric Greiteus a navy seal (his book is The Heart and the Fist) who serves his fellow returning servicemen in a most admirable way. The book isn't that great but the ultimate message is meaningful. Few men have the opportunity to do good on the scale that you could do right now. I hope you will examine the next phase for yourself and consider making the kind of impact Eric Greiteus is making. It will make 7 yellow jerseys look like child's play and it will shut up the yackers.
This message was contributed by Bruce Woodruff on Jan 29th, 2013.

g'day Lance; You have been an inspiration to millions of people, whether they be cancer survivors or athletes, or the rest of us. Deep down I probably suspected that you like most were using substances. Half of he top riders would have been on something, i dont know why the world seems so surprised.
No 'medical substance' is going to get an athlete to the podium on its own. The only substance that gets you to the top is inside you. The medical substance /assistance probably helps you recover a little faster between sessions, and given the cancer recovery I can understand how you justified that.
None of us are perfect, and while I am not religious, i do believe in the old quote "Let he who is without sin caste the first stone". The media and others are looking for a scapegoat, and they are only too happy to chop the head off a 'Tall Poppy". The one who has suffered the most in all this is you and your family. i think its time for the rest of us to forgive and move on. Those who obsess at pointing the finger in your direction should look inside them selves.
I hope you are able to mend with yourself with your family, and continue to do good work.
Best Wishes
Michael Peloquin
NSW Australia
This message was contributed by Michael Peloquin on Jan 28th, 2013.

It's difficult being a public figure. Everyone wants to ride it up with you, everyone wants to ride it down without you.
It's easy to judge and point fingers. Harder to exercise compassion.
I would never want to be on the side of running someone down.
Be compassionate to yourself and to others. Extend compassion even when people make mistakes.
And remember their strengths. Lance has many of them - he worked really really really hard. He pushed through pain and persevered in the most difficult circumstances. He is charismatic and dynamic.
All of these will help him again.
Posted by V on Jan 28th, 2013.

They gave Messi FIFA world player of the year awards 4 times in a row. No one said any thing about Messi taking GROWTH HORMONE systematically since childhood to boost his size. It is totally unfair to single out Lance.
This message was contributed by Yu Luo on Jan 27th, 2013.

Dear Lance, I'm Brazilian, sorry for my "touristic English". This message is to share with you a reflection that came to me recently. Three things are associated to your name: your great carrier, your disease and the recent events. The reflection is that these 3 things together might suggest a possible positive interaction between chemicals that fight against cells with cancer and chemicals that stimulate our body performance. Maybe your biggest victory is still to came. Do not give up, we all make mistakes everyday!
Support provided by Cláudio Marsiglia on Jan 27th, 2013.

You helped my brother get through cancer - my family and I are so thankful for that inspiration. There is nobody who hasnt made mistakes - wishing you all the best!
Support provided by elle on Jan 27th, 2013.

Now is the time to show your character. How you handle this explosion in your life will show you, and others, who you really are. Grace under pressure is not for the timid or weak. I believe you can do this. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to un-kink your karma and reach heights that you can't even imagine. For me, you will always be a fierce competitor and this strength will serve you well. Good luck Lance
This one comes from Patty on Jan 27th, 2013.

tbh... I don't see what you did wrong. If you were smart enough to think of a better strategy, then good for you! Part of any competition find ways to give yourself a competitive edge. It's not like you murdered your competitors. People are so uptight. Stay strong Lance, I believe in you. You are still a role model.
This one comes from Savannah on Jan 27th, 2013.

Still a huge fan and supporter. You have done a whole lot more than win races. You have given millions of people hope. I watched the Oprah interview and am glad you told the truth. Do what you have to do to make yourself at peace with it all. A whole lot of us still believe in you.
Posted by Sean on Jan 27th, 2013.

Dear Mr Amstrong, Mr Travis Tygart makes me feel as if he was talking about prohibition. And Mr. has also his. He personally excite universel hatred and wants the scandal. Do not be intimidated by this powerful organisation nor by him. (In French we say "Trop propre pour être honnête" -Too clean to be honest). Regarding the substances taken we hier in Switzerland admire and appreciate you very much. Keep your secret, they only belong to you and to no one else. Do not get unhappy because of the scandal. You should remain proud of what you have accomplished and no one but you know how hard it was. You have boosted lost of young people. It might have killed you but zou did not kill anybody. Please relax and say no to curiosity. You are a real ssportman.
This message was contributed by josette jaccoud on Jan 26th, 2013.


I have always respected your work ethic and competitive edge. I respect you much more now for your honesty and humility. Thank you for continuing to be a remarkable person.

Peace and every good,
Support provided by Justin Foster on Jan 25th, 2013.

No one cares that he doped anymore. We all know everyone did it. But continuing to say he did nothing wrong, when he threatened people and prevented families from making money through thuggery, does nothing for anyone, including Lance. Unlike many people I thought he did a good job with Oprah, but to come on here and say he did nothing wrong and shouldn't ever apologize is really sad. What about the woman he called a whole because she had the audacity to tell the truth? How about the careers he ruined and the money he collected under false pretenses? No one thinks he's a murdered or a rapist, but to act like the only thing he did was dope and everyone else did it too is wrong and even Armstrong himself would admit that. He lied to his own family, his own CHILDREN about this, and you cannot simply come on here and act like what he did was the same as waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee. Please stop it.
Support provided by Eric on Jan 25th, 2013.

Lance, I accept your apology. The way you inspire me far outweighs anything you may have done. You'll always be my hero.

Anthony M
Support provided by Anthony McLean on Jan 25th, 2013.

I will always support you and I don't care what anyone says!! Do not apologize to anyone! I wanted to help myself sleep last night so I took some melatonin!!! Then this morning when I wanted to wake up real nice and quick I had a wonderful cup of coffee!!! This is a tough time for you and I will continue to pray and support you no matter what! And I log onto Livestrong frequently and regularly and will pray that it continue to be up and running. May God bless you
Posted by margarita on Jan 25th, 2013.

You were competing in cycling with only one goal: ' to be the best'. As you were well placed to be aware that all champions and semi -champions of all times have been using 'doping', you also wanted 'to be the best' in that part of the sport. Who can blame you for that ?
You were, you are and you will continue to be a great example for cancer -survivors like myself, and possibly your Cancer foundation will one day invite you to continue to be 'their image'. Nobody can deny nor the extraordinary courage and will power you had to be a champion, nor the humility and honesty you showed to grow as a person. I am very sure that all was 'Not In Vain' and that we will hear from you again.
Thank You Lance

Thank you Lance

Support provided by Lerno Frank on Jan 25th, 2013.

Dear Lance,
You have always been, and will remain to be, a hero of mine.
No matter what anybody says, you turned the pedals - nobody else.
That's all that matters.
All the best,
Support provided by Ben on Jan 24th, 2013.

Best wishes Lance. Have patience like in a race, stay in our wheel. we got you covered. Be strong and may God Bless you always! But be alert, do not fall asleep. You will always be a good man, and a great father. Business is business and sometimes people cannot see it from the outside. In Spanish there is a great saying that goes "nadie sabe lo que hay en la hoya nada mas que el que la mueve" basically it says "No one knows what it is in the stew but the cook". Best regards. The Support Network.
Posted by Angel Martinez esq on Jan 24th, 2013.

Dear Lance

In life we all do right and wrong things sometimes they come under the public scanner and sometimes they go unnoticed. If they do come under the public scanner and do not adhere to the "social norms" then they are just not acceptable. I am not judging whatever has happened with you wether its right or wrong because I am not in a position to do so. All I wish to tell you is that leave the past behind you are a great man who has done a great deal for the people and you must carry on with what you are best at "WINNING". Even in the darkest times there is always some light creeping through the cracks of the windows.

Wishing You All The Luck In The Universe
Posted by Diksha on Jan 24th, 2013.

i have seen politician, celerbrites, famous sport people done many wrongs. but who are we to judge?? he made a mistake and he conffesed his mistakes. there might be consequences , but we shouln't hate him this much . He is a great father and for the sake of his children atleast we shouldn't be harsh on him. i don't even know him that much but my heart breaks for him. he is a public figure, a cyclist ,made huge mistakes and we can't destory him for human mistakes. he didn't kill anyone he just took some crazy stuff to win and be famous may be. most of us are very judgemental and cruel in what we say to other. tiger wood screwed up big time too .. the world forgave him too. please pray for him and his family . God is the God of many chances and once he admits all his wrong doings , God will forgive him. and he will move on with his life. just pray pray pray for him. thanks
Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013.

I am watching the Oprah interview right now. What I feel is that you are under such a tremendous weight. You say you are not spiritual but your girlfriend is (or wife, sorry if I have this wrong). Lance, we all fall short. You are just on the world stage. I pray that you will open you mind and heart to the Lord. The forgiveness that he will offer you will truly set you free, it will. If you ask God to show you the way he will. I just lost a mentor in my life, Frank Pastore, get his book "Shattered". He was an amazing man and just died in a motorcycle accident. He was a professional athlete who had to live his life in a different way. All I know Lance is this is all too much of a burden. Please reach out to God for help. I really love Oprah but right now all I feel is judgement from her. I will pray for you, that you will find a way to deal with all of this. You are amazing, talented and an incredible athlete. Just get real with yourself and God. That is really all that counts. God love you and so do I.
This message was contributed by Jan Barmick on Jan 24th, 2013.


No matter what you may have used to support it, all of your success is also due to hard work and dedication. Your efforts on the course to improve your performance, and off the course to help those suffering from cancer are an inspiration to continue to put in the effort required to succeed.
This one comes from Art on Jan 23rd, 2013.

you were an inspiration to my family and will never stop being an inspiration dopped or not
i will always wear my livestrong band with pride and courage
This message was contributed by Austin Garces on Jan 23rd, 2013.

Estimado Lance
Todas las mañanas cuando me levanto a entrenar doy gracias a Dios por tener salud para hacerlo. Desde la fecha de tu entrevista con Oprah le pido a Dios que te ayude en estos duros momentos.
Hace 4 años me opere de la columna, gracias a tu historia pude tener fe en recuperarme nuevamente y volver a caminar y a correr.
Hace dos años perdí a mi madre por el cáncer, habría dado todo por salvarla, por esto sé que hay miles de personas agradecidas de por vida por toda la labor que has hecho con tu fundación y sé que tu estas en las oraciones de todas ellas.
Hoy más que nunca utilizo mi pulsera amarilla. Si todo este tiempo has sido el soporte para miles de personas, espero que sientas hoy el soporte de todas ella y que no pierdas la fe, Dios nos da la cruz que podemos cargar, tu eres un luchador, se que vas a salir de esta situación, espero con ansias volver a verte competir pero sobre todo espero saber que eres feliz.
Alvaro Barrera
This one comes from Alvaro Barrera Balarezo on Jan 23rd, 2013.


Good luck in the future! I'm a beginner in cycling.
Any suggestions of good protein/carbs to eat before riding? Do you like fish sticks?

Honored, I'm sure,

Mike Hunt
This one comes from Mike Hunt on Jan 23rd, 2013.

Unfortunately, this is a black and white issue to most of the public. Well before and during the era that Lance WON his seven Tours, almost everyone if not everyone in the top 50 was doing something--at least blood doping but most also taking EPO and fast clearing forms of testosterone. Winning the Tour WAS NOT POSSIBLE without PEDs during that period. Lance, like all athletes at that time, were faced with a choice: dope and level the playing field with the rest of the top riders or leave the sport. This is what the public does not get. . . while strictly speaking it was "cheating," it was so much a part of the sport that it was a level playing field. Lance was the best in the world those seven years and his comeback story should still be a source of inspiration. I was always a Lance fan, but I also was 99% sure that he was using at least some PEDs in the off season because there was no other way to compete. The mistake, as he has now accepted, was the manner in which he attacked his accusers. My admiration of him as an athlete and a fighter has not changed at all. I hope a documentary is made some day that puts the entire story into perspective.
Posted by Jared Wilsey on Jan 23rd, 2013.

It was a thing of beauaty to watch you ride. As a survivor,Thank you for all the good you have done to promote cancer reacerch. Thats the kind of thing that really matters in the end any way. Hang tough and dont let the hype destroy your mind. Not everyone is a hater. Hope to see ya on the trails!
Posted by Ed McElyea on Jan 23rd, 2013.

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