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Hi Lance, I really admire your courage to speak your truth. I imagine this could not have been easy.
Truth is forgotten sometimes in our society. Forgiveness even more so.
Courage is a stepping stone though and man you really have got balls to stand up and be open about everything.
It was your battle story that inspired me to get off my ass, get into my body and stand up for what I believe in.
Thankyou sir.
You will always be an inspiring friend to me
Posted by Scott Lutwyche on Jan 12th, 2015.

Hi Lance, you will always be a Hero to our family. Not just because of the excitement you brought to us over the years ridding in the Tour, but mostly for your inspiration and hope that your book brought us whilst our son underwent treatment for testicular cancer. I read your book soon after his diagnosis, and for the next two years you became his inspiration to survive. He underwent experimental treatment, and although it was touch and go he pulled through, that was Ten years ago now.
We all wish you the best, and hope you are given the opportunity to carry on the great work you started.
Carol, David, Bradley & Jordan for Chelmsford, Essex, UK
This message was contributed by David Ironmonger on Jan 10th, 2015.

Merry Christmas Lance, stay strong you're still the man.
This one comes from jim moore on Dec 23rd, 2014.

Hi Lance,
My name's Honza (John), I'm 16 y.o. from Czech Republic. I've read your books about the cycling career and I can't believe you doped. Please tell me you didn't!
Even if you doped, everyone doped and you were the best. I think they shouldn't take your titles from TdF. Despite the doping scandal you are huge hero of sport and humanity because of the cancer fight you won! You are the best personality of cycling in history!
Thanks a lot
Support provided by Honza Janousek on Dec 18th, 2014.

Howdy Lance, I hope all is well. I was a 24 hour mountain bike racer/long distance cyclist all through my 20's. My life revolved around cycling. When I was 26, I lost my dad who supported me in everything, even when I chose cycling/skiing over football, at 27, I shattered my pelvis in a near fatal car crash and couldn't walk for 7 months. After my rehab, I got back on my bike and traveled to every mountain bike destination I ever wanted to ride. When I came back to my home mountain, I landed a dream job at a high end internet bike shop, and competed in my hometown 24 hour race. During my first lap, I crashed badly and broke my hip, but still had my desk job selling bikes via email/phone. I rode upwards of 200 mountain miles per week, bought every bike I wanted and in my mind, I had the world by the balls. The economic collapse came, my employer sold out to another company despite always promising a job to the people that made him rich and I lost everything that ever meant anything to me. My bikes, car, home were all gone. Your story is one that kept me from suicide during these dark days I still face. No matter what they say/claim, you're still a bad ass and I can't wait to get back on a bike when I'm done surviving.
This message was contributed by William on Dec 15th, 2014.

Lance I know you might never see this, but I watched you ride those races on TV. I'm a slug, but you got me on a bike and I appreciate it. I must say to your detractors that Postal got their monies worth and it doesn't seem to matter now. I'm glad you came clean, I think it's good for your spirit. Having said that, you did more good than bad on any scale of accountability. Buddy, you were fun to watch. And while I don't think it was correct, it was that time. Overall, I think you did good. Thanks.
John Dougherty
This one comes from John Dougherty on Dec 6th, 2014.

I want to tell you Lance that I had Cancer in 2006 and your book and the things that you have done helped me through a very challenging time in my life. I had head and Neck cancer and went through some serious treatment, after that I recovered and when on to ride the live strong challenge in philadelphia in 2009 (45mi). I don't care about the things that are being said, I think that they are not relevant to what you have accomplished for Cycling, cancer and me. You have my support, I still wear your yellow band proudly.
This one comes from Sal Dolce on Nov 23rd, 2014.

Hey Lance, I don't care what anyone says. You are the 7-time Tour De France Champion. During the era you raced in if a person didn't use PED's they wouldn't have a chance. A person was forced to either use them or not compete. It was also incredible that after three years out of the race you came back and placed 3rd at the age of 37 or 38. I hope you will start posting "7-Time Tour De France Champion" under your name again on your website. Those are your titles. They can officially take them away. But, everyone who saw those races, competed against you, and raced on your team knows this. You should also introduce yourself this way when making public appearances. You are a true hero for what you have done in cycling and in your battle against cancer.
This message was contributed by Chad S. on Nov 17th, 2014.

Dear Lance,

It's not any shocker that some people like to tear you down. Maybe it makes them feel better. Maybe they're jealous at your Incredible ability and talent you possess as an athlete. No one likes to lose. I'm sure a lot of people were sick of "The American" winning the tour every year. Everyone loves to point the finger at you. Do they forget all the wonderful performances you provided for us all!? They would all like to appear perfect...without flaws. Well guess what, NONE of them could have done what you did in your cycling career. I'll never forget watching you climb Alp D'huez and looking over your shoulder at Jan Ullrich and then taking off! No one had the strength at that moment to attack like you did. There are countless other stories that testify to your strength and ability. The drugs weren't what gave you the passion, motivation, determination and love for the sport. You did that. That's Lance Armstrong. Like any other sport, those who are truly dedicated to the sport use that power to perform at a higher level. Not everyone has it but you do Lance. You're an incredible athlete. One of the best of all time and THE BEST we've ever seen in this sport.

You're also a family man. You love your kids. You love your wife. I admire that. Family is and will always be more important that the sport. You understand that. You want your kids to have a bright future and a father who loves and encourages them to be their best. You're accomplishing that. Your kids know what kind of dad they have. They know you're not perfect and they're okay with that. It's better that way. None of us are perfect.

Lance Armstrong, thank you. Thanks for all the good times. Thanks for your passion for cycling. I started riding because of you. A lot of us cyclists did. In fact, most of us. I wish you the best! You signed a yellow discovery jersey for me when you came to Utah. Thanks for taking the time. It hangs on my wall. I'll never take it down.
This one comes from Josh Dustin on Nov 17th, 2014.

Hi Lance!

I sent you a letter a few weeks ago. I would like a dedicated picture or gift for my father, who is a great and crazy fan of you!

Is it possible?

Thnak you very much

Best regards

8 allée de Prat-Ar-Zarp
26860 Bourg-Blanc
This one comes from Samuel PUISSET on Nov 11th, 2014.

Lance. I went through a fury of emotions after "the decision". I Felt let down and then I started reading all of the biographies and tell all tales as well watched the movie and read everything i could get my hands on. At the end of the day, you won those 7 tours and were THE BEST at the time and under the circumstance (probably the best ever). The people that are trying to destroy you for doing what needed to be done to be a success in your chosen profession are disgusting. This whistleblower case is a joke (although i'm sure you can't laugh at it). I really hope you get through this with your dignity (and enough of your fortune) intact and come back STRONGER than ever. The people that threw you under the bus after profiting for many years are complete hypocrites and leeches. If you ever start doing your tweeted rides again i'm going to show up and if you ever find yourself in LA looking to do an epic MTB ride in the Angeles Forest, shoot me an e-mail. It'd be a chance of a lifetime to ride w/ you. USA Cycling can't stop that one.
Support provided by Mark Owen on Oct 24th, 2014.

Thanks to Livestrong MyPlate, I've lost 10 lbs in less than 2 weeks. It has motivated me to eat better and exercise. I think the site is awesome. The fact it's free is amazing :)
Thank you so much for what your foundation has done for me!!
Posted by Melissa G. on Sep 4th, 2014.

Lance you are the only seven-time winner of the tour. You are my hero. You got up against the odds in so many ways that are guiding light other Americans. I am 67 years old. And you are my idol. You do what it takes to get the job done. True American.
This message was contributed by James Reuber on Aug 28th, 2014.

I am unable to erase the positive memories my wife and I have from watching Lance at the Tour De France. I have no regrets. Lance was a force of nature on a bike. We watched year after year, often times in stunned silence, as Lance willed himself over the mountains. I miss those races. I learned last week my best may in my wedding has stage 3 colon cancer. I want him to fight like Lance did on the mountain. I will be in the team car cheering him on.
Posted by Carl McGehee on Aug 19th, 2014.

Vous êtes et restez le plus grand cycliste. Vous avez apporter plus de professionnalisme, plus de stratégie, plus de rigueur, en fait plus de tout.
Votre abnégation, votre force et votre rage de vaincre sont pour moi marquant. Il est fou de voir que je suis Français et que John Mc Enroe, Carl Lewis et vous ont marqué ma vie de sportif.
Se repentir c'est bien. Mais croyez franchement que les vainqueurs actuels de courses et grands tours ne font pas appels à des produits interdits. Je ne crois pas.
Je vous soutien. Je vous souhaite un très grand courage pour affronter ces événements car la ligne d'arrivée n'est pas matérialisée par une ligne, une banderole. C'est vous qui trouverez cela dans votre cœur.
Amitiés sportives.
Posted by Arnold MIJOULE on Aug 19th, 2014.

Lance you are my true hero. I don't even care that you cheated a bit. I know you worked really hard and you inspired hundreds of people all over the world to do whatever it takes to win. When I ride my bike up a big hill sometimes I think about you a wish I had I bit of what you use.
This one comes from Dylan on Aug 14th, 2014.

Lance, you worked so hard for what you had. And you will always have it anyway. All those wins. No normal person could have ever achieved what you did. Friends, lovers, so many turned against you. It was pitiful to watch. The Tour has no interest for me without you in it. You did more good for the world than anyone will probably ever understand.
This message was contributed by scott lock on Aug 8th, 2014.

Attention all concerned; look at the times there is no winner in the history of the three Grand Tours... World War I and World War II.. The following issues I highlight are just as worst as the tens of millions killed in those conflicts that stopped the running of the Grand Tours? Sure what he did was wrong but origins of those rules were to prevent cyclist from being amphetamine freaks prevalent in the early days of the tours, then came steroids, then a combination of steroids and blood performance enhancement under the supervision of willing physicians. My conclusion The ones who decided to strip Lance of his titles concluded the following: On one hand out of control killing of ourselves in World Wars I and II is the same as out of bounds behavior on enhancement of human performance. All of you get over yourselves! Put out 100% effort in your chosen challenge and go for it!
Posted by Syril Galindo on Jul 29th, 2014.

Dear Mr Armstrong,
My husband, Mark and I have and are still big fans! We wish you health and happiness and for us you will ALWAYS be a 7 times winner; history CANNOT be re-written!!
Read you are playing golf; you are not old enough for that; please keep pedalling as you are our inspiration to keep our pedals turning.
Look after yourself and take no notice of the negative responses!
Posted by Mme E Lowe on Jul 23rd, 2014.

Lance, all of your your tour De France accomplishments has made cycling a sport all Americans can enjoy. In my eyes you did nothing different to the others, look at the likes of Jan Ullrich, Marco Pantani, Erik Zabel and Richard Virenque they all DOPED! So to me you will always be my sporting hero
This one comes from Max Williams on Jul 21st, 2014.


You have inspired me to take up cycling, and to train for my first triathlon. I do not care if you doped during your career wins with the Tour De France , and I believe your being made a target of the mainstream media, and other governmental groups! In my mind you should have never been stripped of those titles and you will always have those wins in my mind and my family's mind as we'll! Good luck and I am here to support you any way I can! Like I said you have always been an inspiration to me through out the years and I haven't watched the tour since you left...

Though and prayers
This message was contributed by Scott Carrington on Jul 20th, 2014.

Jesus loves you Lance! Look to Him! and your best years are still to come.
This message was contributed by Dan on Jul 19th, 2014.

I just watched the movie about you.
You will always be my cycling hero, no matter what you did, everyone was doping and probably stil are.
In my opinion doping should be legal, since there will always be some form of evading the positive test.
I watched each and every stage that you took part in and was always amazed at the machine that was Lance.
You came back in 2009 and did it clean and stil came 3rd, to tell the truth I went through the emotions with you.
In life, you had to defend what people were trying to strip away and that made you act out and you admitted all the wrong that you have done, I don't see any previous winners stepping up and taking the responsibility, that in itself is the mark of a true Hero.
Being sick with cancer just showed you how cruel and alone life could be and that gave you the tools you needed for being as great as you were, and stil are.
This is all just a sad case with a whole bunch of people being hurt, but in my book you are Lance, the machine, with a heart of gold...
Posted by Neill Crous on Jul 16th, 2014.

Lance, you are my hero. Your story is an inspiration, your book gave me hope in my own cancer confrontation this year! You have given so much to all of us who have been affected by cancer. Thank you for everything. Just as cancer is unfair, so is the judgement and punishment that has been placed on you. Continue to live strong and inspire. You still have so much to give us!
This one comes from Jane on Jul 16th, 2014.

Hi Lance, you really are a great inspiration and I have started a petition with the aim to get your ban lifted or at least show our support.
The link for other supporters to sign my petition
This one comes from Rachel hill on Jul 15th, 2014.

hi lance
you inspire me to keep riding
all the best for RAGBRAI race
Posted by jerome on Jul 14th, 2014.

You will always be a HERO in my book. You won your 7th tour the day that my husband was supposed to die while on a ventilator in the MICU of UCLA Medical Center from Bleomycin Toxicity chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma. We had the tour on the tv in the hospital room -- and THAT was the day my husband had a turn around. I am convinced he heard us yelling with excitement telling him you WON-- and that if you can do it -- so can he! He, like you, is a miracle. He was not supposed to live and yet he did and he is thriving. We live in Aspen. He is a crazy bike fan and we watched every single stage of all 7 of your Tour wins. We have your photos in our house of you winning in Paris and display them proudly. We met you with our son, Max, in 2007 at The Hub bike store in Aspen. Charlie Tarver is our mutual friend, and I will NEVER FORGET your true concern and kindness for my husband - Raifie -- who after the bleo had to survive a stem cell transplant and did! You were loving and sweet to our then 7 year old - and took pictures with both in the bike shop with you and your bike. You are sincere. I watched the documentary tonight of the "Lie" and truly felt nothing but compassion for you. I thought it did a good job of explaining the psychology behind the decision to "win at all costs." I am confident that you will again be a part of Livestrong -- and will go down in history as the greatest bike racer of all time. Maybe we will cross paths out on our bikes this Summer! We always thought it was so cool to see you in your yellow and black blasting up Maroon Bells or Castle Creek. God Speed to you and your family.
This message was contributed by Michele Nelson Bass, Esq. on Jul 12th, 2014.

Lance my man, I still consider that yourself and Eddy Merckx were the two greatest cyclists in the history of cycling. In 1968 they rigged a random urine test from
Eddy simply because he, a Belgian, had the temerity to look as though he would dominate for a considerable time,thereby preventing a French winner. Eddy really
got his revenge a month later in his first tour when he won all three jersey's and the Tour de France by 17 minutes 54 seconds. One can imagine then how they felt
when an American appeared and completely dominated the Tour for seven, long torturous (for them) years. When the chance came they could not believe their luck.
We all know that everyone was using; (I prefer to use the term) Corpuscle Enhancement, all the riders were aware of it and that not to use it was to limit themselves to
'Also rans'. They crawled from every crook and cranny to get revenge on the one person that has done more good for humanity than the whole , useless, vengeful lot of them put together. Unlike most of them in the two films I have watched you come across so well, you have beautiful children who so obviously worship you, this must count for so much in these difficult times. Remember that there are a whole lot more of us out here who are not hoodwinked and have our own resolute opinions of
Lance Armstrong; Super sportsman, Benefactor and hero to millions. God bless Lance.
This one comes from Michael Spencer on Jul 10th, 2014.

Watching the Tour and missing our Lance. Reading all these messages of LOVE for you just warms my heart and I do hope you read them if you ever feel sad. You are the 7 time champ. Always will be to so many of us. I loved watching every one of your tours - especially when I was battling breast cancer. Getting old now (me) and still manage to get in 30 mile rides from time to time. Think of you all the time when trying to ride fast by "dancing on the pedals." Come out and ride with us and put down that darn golf club (smile). Love ya Lancy Lot.
This message was contributed by PatC on Jul 10th, 2014.

I have just watched the documentary "the Armstrong Lie" this should probably have been called "the tour de france lie" as it seems at the time everyone was doping! I'm sorry I'm not much of a cyclist myself, but as I see it everyone else was doing just the same as you, but you won-7 Times, so to me that means you were doing something right! Your work into raising money for cancer patients is amazing and I'm sure you will have helped so many people become stronger and more determined to fight. I am doing a race for life run on Sunday in my home town of Ilkley West Yorkshire (i would have loved to see you in the tour de france that passed my road last weekend!) And I will be using your determination to do my very best and raise some much needed money for cancer awareness!!! Your a good guy, keep smiling- I always do! :-)
This one comes from Samantha Wright on Jul 9th, 2014.

Lance, the only thing I can really tell you is to me and many, many other people around the world, especially those you crushed in competition, is that you are the rightful seven time champ. You are awesome and gave me inspiration while I was competing and still do. I love to watch the videos of you climbing and descending. destroying the field, thanks man you made a difference for me in my life just being you, stay strong!
This one comes from Ric Campbell on Jul 8th, 2014.

Lance, Please never stop sharing your gifts of Strength & Courage... We are blessed! You are loved...Be Strong!
Posted by Tamara on Jul 8th, 2014.

Hi Lance
I have just watched the ch 4 documentary. I must say you have done so much for so many people. You achieved so much and made some wrong choices but you are still a good person. Keep positive and keep moving forward. Never look back. Sarah
This one comes from sarah on Jul 7th, 2014.

Lance, i just want to let you know that i support you, no matter if it is in good or in bad times. You have been my biggest inspiration, not only to cycling, but also in your will to fight! I wish you the best of luck with overcoming this difficult time, and i am sure that you will recover from your fall in the world of cycling! I do still see you as my hero!!

Yours sincerely,

Quinten Fennema, a very big fan!
Posted by Quinten Fennema on Jul 7th, 2014.

Lance, I have just been watching the documentary "The Armstrong lie" which has just been televised on London (channel 5). Although I knew most of the issues that were touched upon in the documentary, I just want to say that your the best, regardless. I say that because you inspire me mate seriously, don't worry about the haters man. It's just because although they were doing the same thing themselves, they still could mount as much wins as you. Stay positive and all the best
This one comes from Jas on Jul 7th, 2014.

Lance, In 2008 my husband was diagnosed with GBM (brain cancer). He was always of fan of yours, in fact he was a huge cycling fan. At the time of his diagnosis, he was an airline pilot. He said to me, "If he can do it, I can too." Six years later, he is still with us. We have had to change our definition of success. We no longer aspired to the lifestyle that his career afforded us. We have much for which to be thankful.
The doping and other scandals aside, you still showed the best a human can be. You gave inspiration to so many and still do. I can only imagine the emotions you are your family have gone through. Know that the races don't matter. Taking the fame and turning awareness to the cancer fight is bigger than any Tour or yellow jersey. We are still fighting GBM, so our perspective is a little different. I think that history will see the advocacy and inspiration you have given to so many. Positive thoughts to you and your family. Peace
Posted by Mary Simpson on Jul 7th, 2014.

I am a testicular cancer survivor and have always looked to you for inspiration and guidance as to how to deal with it. I had the surgery and subsequent radiation treatment 18 years ago when I was 50. I had always been an active cyclist, and am getting back into cycling now.
That was a really good Esquire article, it hopefully give people a different perspective.
This one comes from George Melvin on Jul 7th, 2014.

Lance , you inspired me to live when i was battling cancer ...We love you...Maria from Co Galway Ireland
This one comes from maria lennon on Jul 7th, 2014.

This support comes from Robyn on July 6, 2014
Just finished watching The Armstrong Lie. Very insightful and I found myself looking at what you have gone through and all you have given to the people around the world. I am not a cyclist but you brought the sport of cycling into my home. You are still a great example to people everywhere. Live strong, Lance. God bless.
Support provided by Robyn Fines on Jul 6th, 2014.

Lance it is completely wrong what they did to you. You have inspired millions of people and have done so much for cancer survivors all over the world. I just want you to know I still believe in you 100 percent. Keep your head up and you will make it through this. Your still the best there ever was. Everybody knows your the only 7 time winner of the tour de france. I hope I get to meet you one day. Just keep going strong buddy and always remember I believe in you and look up to you.
Posted by Josh Parker on Jun 27th, 2014.

Lance - As i sit here, thinking of my life, my career shot because of a co-worker discrediting my accomplishments, using me as a scapegoat so he can advance his career I think of you. I worked hard, no one gave me a dime, put myself through school and worked my way up to an engineer. He was the popular, charismatic guy, i was the quiet one, except during spin class - i was a bad a$$. Family? There's no one, at least anyone i could trust. Health? I've been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I always followed you - you've always given me a sense of strength, yet I was angry at you for doping... but read how happy you are - right now, despite everything that has happened to you! You've beaten cancer, you have an awesome family, you're smiling! Then i look at myself - what the h3ll do i have to be sorry about?? I'm still here, ! You, with the strength to overcome anything, seeing in my mind the strength to climb those mountains - gave me the strength to get my a$$ off the couch, out of my pathetic world!! Live on Lance Armstrong!! Live ON!! Your courage, perseverance and strength beyond measure.. With your image in my mind, keeps me going, keeps us all going... I THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for being YOU!
This one comes from SJ on Jun 8th, 2014.

You are not the first athlete to make a wrong choice. I live in Cincinnati and everytime I turn around, a Cinci Bengal is being arrested for one thing or another. I think everyone has made a bad choice and kept it secret at one time or another and for anyone to deny that, well, they are liars themselves!! Infact some of the biggest hypocrites I have found are in churches. I don't believe that you made poor choices because you are a "bad" person, I think your love and passion for the sport was what drove you. I am 50 yrs old and have recently (within the past 4 wks) taken up cycling and it has changed my life! My husband and I were able to scrape together enough to afford me a Raleigh hybrid and I am already up to 17 miles in pretty good time for a newby. I love bikes and though I can by no means afford a road bike, someday I will and I will take to the roads and you will be my inspiration because quite honestly, I don't think there are too many pros who could beat you, even if you would have rode "natural". It amazes me how people seem so shocked when they find out that athletes are humans and make mistakes!!
I just want to encourage you to hang your head high, look your brothers smack in the eye and ride on. No one's past defines them.
This message was contributed by Teresa Doten on Jun 4th, 2014.

Lance,i'm a young cyclist, and i know about you since the last year, i read a lot of you, and about your life, about the doping too. But i want to say to you, that despite that the tv and the people talk about you only for speak of the doping, i trust in you, i trust in all you has been made counter the cancer, i trust in you intentions and motivations, i really think that you won the 7 tour.

You are my idol, you are my motivation for this sport.

And remember all your past, you are a big man Lance!
thank you for all!
Lance, yo soy un joven ciclista, y sé de ti desde el año pasado, he leído un montón de ti, y sobre tu vida, sobre el dopaje también. Pero quiero decirte, que a pesar de que la televisión y la gente habla de ti sólo para hablar del dopaje, confío en ti, confío en todo lo que se ha hecho contra el cáncer, confío en tus intenciones y motivaciones , yo realmente creo que usted ganó los 7 tour´s.

Tú eres mi ídolo, usted es mi motivación para este deporte.

Y recuerda todo su pasado, usted es un hombre grande de Lance!
gracias por todo!
This one comes from Andres Ahumada on May 23rd, 2014.

Siempre he admirado y siempre admirare a Lance, de la manera que sea, es el mejor ciclista de todos los tiempos y por mucho!
no hay quien se le compare en el mundo entero. Es un heroe y esta en nuestros corazones .
la forma tan espectacular de ganar no tiene presedente. thank you Lance... You are the number one!!
This one comes from Enrique Alva gallegos on May 22nd, 2014.

Why they still use Lance as a scapegoat? (Now Armstrong stripped of France's Legion of Honor!).
Somebody behind the scene is still unsatisfied?
Hands off!!!
Support provided by Alexandre on May 22nd, 2014.

If you ever see this Lance hopefully it will provide you with some warmth in your heart and some encouragement for your life. I am only 15 but I feel I have an honest opinion on what has happened from the eyes of an athlete and honest untouched youthful opinion. I have not looked too much into everything so I do not know much of the details, only what I assume to be true and would like to be true. First, I know that so many people in this event and that you raced did this, does this, and races all the same, whether you did or not. All of you train so unbelievably hard every single day for so much of your life that no one knows, everyday busting your butt devoting your life to cycling, and if any one person does one thing illegal to get an advantage, the flood gates open. All of you train all the same, lives devoted to nearly nothing else, and there are no short cuts to fitness at this level, if there is any advantage to be found anywhere, even in something not necessarily right, it should not take much convincing for those advantages to be used. Fair is fair. No athlete would ever put as much effort as you all do into this, and be satisfied with second place or worse to those doping or doing drugs. Fair is fair, the playing field must be level, and all this is not even including your struggle with cancer. You are a philanthropist, and a passionate world class athlete with a fire to compete. Remember that, who you know you are despite what you are told. I support you, not those who brought you down who are deserving of many bad names, along with many other people.
This message was contributed by Robinson Snider on May 5th, 2014.

Lance did more for cycling and for cancer than any person on earth. He got caught doing the same drugs that most if not all of his competitors were taking. Ya, he lied. So did his competitors. But what did they get in penalty for testing positive? 6 month, 1 year, 2 year , 3 year suspensions? Lance got a lifetime ban. He is the fall guy for cycling's problems.
And now Nike and other sponsors want their money back- this after gaining all of the leverage and increasing their sales on the back of Lances still unforgettable tour wins. They got their sponsorship dollars worth- they can't say that Lance didn't help them increase awareness and sales. what a pool of greed. Personally I will never buy Nike products until they back off.
Lance I'm still a fan. Keep up the good fight.
This one comes from Keith Richards on May 5th, 2014.

Hey lance ,

It's great inspiration to see u have moved on with your life , we all make mistakes , god knows I make them on an hourly basis .ive lied , cheated , stole in my past , I'm not proud of it but at the time I didn't think I had another choice to survive , life is hard , making money is hard and I made really bad choices to support my lifestyle , u could definitely call me a SCUMBAG . most definitely . SCUMBAG was I , and to this day I still have those inner demons inside of me , I'm not ashamed but I've learned to realize that it's what u do with those demons not what you do because of those demons if that makes any sense at all . I'm 33 years old and basically had testicular cancer for at least 6 years without really knowing or worrying about it , until my left testicle was the size of a softball , , I've had the tumor removed with my testicle and am about to start treatment and prolly more surgeries since there r still traces of cancer in me . It was great to read the article about u by Rick reily of espn . I was so proud to say I'm a lance supporter and have been for many years and will continue to do so . No matter what happened in those 7 tour de France's , nothing can change that u personally have helped millions of others live to see many more days of life on this earth . Writing this now on my iPad I'm still scared to death of what is to come lance m I really am . Like u I brushed off my health thinking no way I can get sick until I went to the doctor and he gave me the grim news . ( check my twitter to see the pic of my tumor @chemomamba )but because of u I'm willing to fight til I die to be able to live in this imperfect world , yes u cheated in ur profession but because of that profession half a billion dollars was raised but that's not the number that should be talked about , the real number that should be talked about is the millions of lives u saved or helped save indirectly , that's the real yellow jacket there lance , no hills in France can rival what we go thru as cancer sufferers . And to this day I thank u for that . I don't wanna die I really don't even tho I took my health for granted all these years , when ur 27 and u notice a lump in ur balls u don't give it much thought until u hear those words from ur doctor "cancer" and 6 years later at 33 years of age I am scared t death , still am but ima LIVESTRONG and for that I can't thank u enough . I'm glad u get to see ur son graduate high school and your daughters get to sit in your lap and u get to make tee times which u forget at times , because in the end nothing else matters in this world but that . I hope one day our paths cross so I can give u a hug and a beer because like u I'm a flawed man in an imperfect world but I'm willing to fight like u did to right the ship like u have and for that lance . Thank you and I love u brother . God bless @chemomamba.
Posted by Johnny L on May 2nd, 2014.

just read an article about you on Yahoo. You have indeed won those races!!! And won them many times over and no one has that record. You are the champion. Stay strong!
This one comes from Alex on Apr 25th, 2014.

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, too and heard about your fight against this disease
I read your story and was inspired and motivated like never before!
14 days after surgery , I rode my bike again,
Every time I train (Run or Bike) now, I wear the L I V E S T R.O N G
wristband with proud and to show I am a L.A. Fan and will always be.
Lance, keep your head up high, you are still the best!!!
Hope to see you win again somewhere along the line in a competition or challenge!!!

God bless you and your family!!!

Take care Champ
This one comes from german fan on Apr 22nd, 2014.

We see you are back at work now - that's good, but you are looking tried already ! If you need a holiday and fancy riding in the French alpes without all the hassles drop me a mail. I run a specialist cycling chalet just minutes from Alpe d'Huez in a beautiful little village and would really be proud to have you over some time to ride all these classic climbs with me and some even better ones that you probably did not know existed.

Still think of you as a hero of the sport and have numerous pictures of you on our walls in the chalet - now that all the recent stuff has died down a little why not come back and ride with us - you may actually take in some of the scenery this time round !. And I would be happy to lend you a bike any time...

Very best regards Bryan
Support provided by Bryan Noble on Apr 20th, 2014.

Hello Mr Armstrong. I want to interview about my school project for the charity you started. Despite not having cancer, I admire the work you did for LiveStrong. I understand if you do not wish to do this, but I sincerely hope that you decide to.
If you can, please contact me at my email by May 1st. If not, I will regretfully have to try and find another person to interview.
This message was contributed by Jasmine Groom on Apr 14th, 2014.

Dear Lance,

I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 26 nearly the same time you were diagnosed with testicular cancer (I am currently 43). I would like to think I was as fit as you back then - but probably not even close! I was a wanna be cyclist - mostly mountain biking (I played basketball and tennis in high school and hoops in college for a couple years as well so I was a bonified "jock"). I went into my chemotherapy regime like you. I was pissed off I was "sick" - I felt fine and I essentially said, "bring it on, shoot whatever you need to through my veins - I can handle it. This is F-in BS!" Needless to say - you were my hero. And you still are. I am from Nevada City, CA. So when you came to our little mountain town race in 2009, it was huge for me. I was the crazy girl in the middle of the street as you made your victory lap pulling the european jumping maneuver in the street. You rode over and high fived me - and as you spun by my eyes welled with tears. What you symbolize to me is more than anyone will ever know. And more than I can describe - certainly in this tiny post. You are THE MAN and always will be. Let's keep kicking ass!

Loyal always,

Caitlin Collier
Las Vegas, Nevada
This one comes from caitlin collier on Apr 12th, 2014.

I don't know Lance Armstrong personally so I can't like or dislike him but what happened seems unfair to me.

In a sport where doping is rule he was critisized so strongly like he was the sole responsible for the doping business.Yes,he took performance enhancing drugs,yes he lied but how hypocritical it is for some people to act as if pros don't cheat??

You can't be a world champion without the drugs,period.They even dope in golf!The way I see it the sudden loss of ALL his sponsors in one day is enough damaging and punishing.

Posted by Stephen on Apr 9th, 2014.

First off, I want to say how much I enjoy reading the positive words of encouragement sent your way. I can only hope you enjoy too. My note may not be as eloquent as the others I have read but nonetheless I wanted to write. I will always support you. PERIOD. You lied....ok...but who has not lied?..Who can say they have never lied? one can say that. All the murderers, rapists, dog killers, etc etc....all of these people are forgiven as if nothing as happened. I remember when all the news came out and how much I defended you to anyone who talked negatively about you. I had a get together with my best friends one night because I wanted their opinion on the "scandal". I respect their opinions very highly. To a man...they each said the same thing.....who cares?....he still rode that bike. Amen. You still rode that bike Lance. You still were and are an inspiration for millions and millions. You still beat cancer and gave hope to so much all over the world. I bought a livestrong bracelet the first day they came out and it has been on my wrist ever since. It never comes off. ever. I will always support you Lance. You are a champion in my eyes.

Thank you for your time
Posted by Oscar M on Apr 8th, 2014.

Dear Lance,

I have watched the interest of cycling grow in America through the leadership of guys like you and Greg LeMond. I thank you for that and here is my message to all the excited people about doping and how it relates to cycling.

Peak performance cycling takes devotion, perseverance, organization of training, highly developed bike handling skills, courage and most of all a thirst for life. You notice I did not mention physical attributes. The characteristics I mentioned are really the backbone of it all without those aspects there is no performance and that is what is materialized as a champion. I know a little about beating the odds of physical attributes I am 5'6" and of Filipino ethnicity but was able to be a well respected member of the US Navy Seals for two decades. I used my strengths (intelligence, endurance, and toughness) to make up for size, athletic background, and main stream upbringing. This background reference helps qualify my statement that in my field no amount of doping will make you a great SEAL Therefore in reality the current doping trends are enhancements to physical capabilities but the overall effort and contribution of a person outweighs this doping factor and lends this doping to be somewhat of a placebo. Food for thought.

The history of cycling and specifically Le Tour de France is filled with doping and that is attributed to deaths and the poor health of the competitors. The past competitors used anything to kill pain and lots of amphetimines as with the rest of the industrialized world that ate large amounts of hydrogenated oil and smoked cigarettes like no tomorrow. These past dopers were viewed as very unhealthy from the results of their doping. Has anyone examined the health of the athletes that have used drugs such as EPO? Is there a study? I would bet that the overall health of these individuals would point to a picture of health relatively speaking that is any one who consitently spends hours on a bicycle knows that is not true health is a risk worth taking for the glory of the sport of cycling no more no less. The original spirit of the law is to prevent from becoming a speed freak. If the originators came across one of today's "doped" physical specimens maybe they would have a different view?
Also artificially induced altitude to help develop EPO is legal. What is the end physiological difference of altitude and biochemically induced?
I know the horrible effects of steroids, the lure of speed, hallucinagenics and all the horrible things that other illicit drug use does, but what about possibly a substance that enhances your health under stress? Lastly does EPO help cyclist negotiate hours of pain when on the aerobic threshold, pain during oxygen debt of a string of hard efforts such as breakaways and sprints.

In the future as main stream societies understanding of human performance becomes more proliferated they will come to see this time as a witch hunt of days past in the dark ages. Until then only those at the top of human performance understand that it is not just body it is mostly spirit that drives day to day perseverance of focused effort. This is my observation of a person like Lance Armstrong.

Support provided by Syril Galindo on Apr 6th, 2014.

Hi Lance
you are a great champion in my will be always the best for me.
i am Patrick from Mauritius
i would like to have a cycling combination from you as i am an amateur cycling
i am your fans
thanks in advance
Posted by Patrick Trompeuse on Mar 17th, 2014.

Dear Lance
My name´s Celi. I´m 13 and I live in Czech Republic. I do mountain bike racing, road cycling and cyclocross. You are my idol and I admire you.
Especially, because you survived cancer, but you are my hero, because you have won Tour de France 7 times. Everybody can have his own opinion, but it was you, who pedalled
even when, it was rain,snow, frost or hot. When everyone had holiday you rode kilometers .Even if you took doping,you justilly won,because doping used almost everybody
at the time. I love cycling and for me and other many people you will be forever a great sportsman. Maybe you can coach young cyclist one day.
I thank you for everything what you have done for the sport we both love so much.
This message was contributed by Celi, Czech Republic on Mar 15th, 2014.

This message was contributed by George Pennyworth on Mar 15th, 2014.

Whilst i've never followed your career meticulously, i believe what you did for so many ill people far outweighs any ban the cycling world can ever put on you. I believe what you did for the U.S.A. in terms of the cycling world is also an astonishing achievement. While it is unfortunate that the cycling world today is strongly tied to doping, it is a definite and clear reality. Everyone dopes; from the amateurs to the pros (ive heard stories of young talented riders who could not excel in the competitive sport they loved because of not complying to their local team's doping requirement). With that said i think the ban placed on you is ridiculous. You're the man; keep on doing what you love!
Posted by Andrew Yutsis on Mar 9th, 2014.

Lance, you alone are paying the big price for so many other cyclist. An interesting analogy to mankind if you think about it. Human nature needs a sacrifice. Of course it is not fair and simply does not make logical sense. But you did something really remarkable, so out-of-this-world. History will eventually make you a hero. Live on, live strong!
This one comes from Dave Poole on Mar 8th, 2014.

Hi Lance. Not sure if my earlier message went through. As an immigrant, mother of three kids, lawyer, environmental activist & filmmaker, I can only say : you're the champion. I would have done the same thing.
Posted by Agatha Kenar on Mar 2nd, 2014.

Hi Lance - I don't blame you for a second for doping or denying it. You're clearly a champion despite that extra boost. I just read the sappy article in NY Times by Juliet Macur; give me a break. And yes, get it right about the pool Juliet, not too much to ask.
Support provided by Agatha Kenar on Mar 2nd, 2014.

Just a short one,
To all those who hate people who live their dreams,and do something they love, and live for (0.00001% of us)
Survivor, Fighter, Extremely competitive person, takes no b.s.
He did what ALL of us would do, at the time , and the circumstances.
I loved the documentary, but I was also irritated at the number of very subjective commentarys, like " not only can I beat this disease, I can be better than I was.......being the hero, and the reality of it.....". YES, you can be better than you were, but you can have much more better life after you beat cancer!!! Am I a liar too by saying that??? Tour de France: 10% better than all of competitors..? Come on, they were ALL 10% doped, and still, he crushed them cause he is 110% naturally more better and DRIVEN than all of them together, who also drove "under the influence", like he addmited he did,(they DIDN'T). But why didn't someone else win..?
This is for ALL those hypocrates out there who have no lives of their own, and have nothing better to do than to protest and burn and try to destroy Lance's accomplishments and life.
One TINY figure of about 500,000,000$, that Lance raised ON HIS OWN INICIATIVE, for cancer fight, if he's so "evil", and "bad", he could have leave it ALL for himself, you selfrighteous haters.
To my Hero, " I'ts Better To Burn Out, Than To Fade Away"

Great support from Croatia
Petar Novak
Posted by Petar Novak on Mar 2nd, 2014.

I'm on Team Armstrong. I loved watching you bike and to date still do. That's all I have to say.
Support provided by Elizabeth on Feb 23rd, 2014.

I'm not a pro cycler [I ride my Trec road bike when it's not snowing in Chicago on weekends only] but I have been a competitive amateur athlete . For those who think it's easy to win any competition by taking any performance enhancing drugs, let me say this. Go ahead and do it, and see where you place. I can guarantee, that unless you were in the top 10% it wont matter in the least bit. What you did to draw attention to cancer and why the Us population is a chemistry experiment for the oil companies who are pumping hydrocarbons into our air. I, nor a billion other people couldn't hang with you. Having had that comparative spirit, I don't think that is why you did it [used performance enhancing synthetics]. I believe you sincerely did what you did to draw attention to cancer and why it occurs. My best friend died in Iraq after the 2003 invasion from cancer. I will always miss him. The US Army motto has always been and always will be "if your not cheating you're not trying, and if you go caught cheating, you weren't trying hard enough". I'm not calling what you did cheating. I think you were doing what you needed to do to draw attention to a disease.
As a Army veteran I salute you and wish you the best in all your endeavors.

God Bless you Lance Armstrong.
This one comes from Peter Kuczynski on Feb 21st, 2014.

People can bag you and doubt you as much as they like. You could dope the whole field and get the same result. Test everyone. I guarentee you would still win... Your doctor was amazing. Helping you achieve all you can be safely and effectively. Good on you. They make it sound like we all hate you.. Quite the opposite. You will always be the guy who won 7 to me. Dope or not. Winning is winning. You have to have the mental strength and the courage to start with. this is the difference between winners and loosers. Your a winner. Don't ever doubt yourself. You have made history and you are part of history. And there are many of us who admire that. Keep riding. the best feeling in the world is pushing yourself past the point you think you can survive. Rules, Regulations or not at the end of the day there is you and your pain. They can never take that away. so go ride, feel the burn and live a life that most people can only dream of.
This one comes from Esther on Feb 18th, 2014.

Hi There,
Lance armstrong arise your victory is nigh in Lord Jesus Christ of nazareth and if it was me i'll do the samething that caused any matter in your life .
Isaiah 53:1-2
53 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?
2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

Posted by Joel on Feb 12th, 2014.

Lance, tu restes l'un des plus grand sportif de tous les temps !!!! Un exemple de courage et de volonté !
De la part de Laurent from France.
This message was contributed by Laurent COPPOLA on Feb 5th, 2014.

Happy New Year 2014 and all the best to you, Lance!

Hope to see you again on Montreal soil

This one comes from Alexandre Balakhnin on Jan 28th, 2014.

This one comes from TOMER on Jan 20th, 2014.

Two days ago I was sitting in my chiropractor's waiting room casually watching a promotional slide show on the wall. Suddenly there is a still shot of Lance on a bike, yellow jersey, smiling, arms raised in victory. This was in a photo series of top athletes who have been helped by chiropractic. Lance's quote was like: Of the many people needed on the bikers' team, the chiropractor was maybe the most important. I'm glad the organization of chiropractors left Lance up there to speak for them I think the world will go back to leaving Lance up there in the pantheon of athletic stars where he once was and always belongs.

Also, about a month ago, in the streets of New York, I saw a young man wearing a Live Strong sweatshirt.
This message was contributed by Jane on Jan 8th, 2014.

I am a three-time cancer survivor. Aside and apart from the cycling world, you were a huge help and encouragement to me in dark and desperate times. The courage and determination you showed in the face of formidable odds can not be eradicated. You did so much more than just survive. You Prevailed. You Won.. And in winning this truly difficult competition, you became a beacon for those who get thrown into that same difficult competition. You helped light the way. So many of us needed that light.Thank you.
It is probable that people who have not fought for life will never understand that no matter what happened on any peloton anywhere, in any race, at any venue, what you showed us about how to survive is not diminished in the least. I hope you can meet "the process" as you call it with the same courage and determination. I'm betting you will. With warmest wishes for peace and happiness for you and your family, Gail Davidson
Posted by Gail D Davidson on Dec 30th, 2013.

Lance, love, blessings, cheers, health, joy - for the holidays and into 2014. By your side and wishing you well.
Posted by Jane on Dec 24th, 2013.

Lance Armstrong, your charges for doping are irrelevant to history, and your titles will never really be stripped. Everybody knows what you did, and even if every other cyclist was tested and proven that they were not doping, which would be a a highly-unlikely outcome, your name is sealed in history as the greatest cyclist to have ever lived. Your contribution to the world transcends petty judgments and opinions, and praise to you for your self-confidence to tell your own secrets in spite of how you knew that people would react.

Keep living strong, sir.
Support provided by Stephen Bradley - Knoxville, TN on Dec 21st, 2013.

this new movie about lance, in theaters now nov 2013, shows what a true hero he is .
while competing in a corrupt system he did what he had to do to not be at a disadvantage.
On a level playing field, all things being equal, Lance would still kick ass.
Rock on Lance
This message was contributed by scott R on Dec 12th, 2013.

I have lied before. We all have. And when you lie once, the next lie covers the first and so on....
The rest of the lies are just to cover the first one. What you have done is no different to what many of us have done,just not in the public eye.
I am sure when you denied doping the very first time, you never knew the scale of what your career would become. With hindsight i know you would have done things differently. We can so easily get caught up in a whirlwind.
I hope to be forgiven for my lies and see no reason why you cannot be forgiven for the same thing.
The lies do not change your efforts to grow livestrong, nor the hard work you put into your career.
I hope you can purge the negative from your life and continue to you use your talents and personality to leave a positive wake behind you.
You have made mistakes but can still write the last pages of your story!
Posted by Jody on Dec 5th, 2013.

Dear Lance,

I think you are the greatest man to ever walk the earth. I don't care what they say about you I have always believed in you and will love you forever.

Your No.1 Fan,
Dave Quayle

P.S. If you ever come back to Australia we should totally hang out.
This one comes from Dave Quayle on Dec 4th, 2013.

I just got my custom "I Still Like Lance" bumper sticker, put on my back window, and did my daily cruise down Mopac Expressway. I don't normally do bumper stickers, but this is a pure statement of feeling that I want to express - on the expressway, hoping others will notice, and think about what a dude Lance Armstrong is!
This message was contributed by mobiledan on Dec 3rd, 2013.

No matter what you did to get there and how you won, the most important thing is that you inspired and had a positive impact on thousands of lives. Thats the greatest accomplishment that anyone can acheive. You are a true hero, drugs or not. Keep on riding, Lance.
This one comes from Will Stewart on Nov 27th, 2013.

We all make mistakes and it's so unfortunate you have to live yours over and over again. The Mattie family and so many others don't judge you. God Bless. No one deserves this treatment.
This one comes from Carmella Mattie on Nov 21st, 2013.

go lance go
This message was contributed by jan on Nov 13th, 2013.

Hey Lance --
I have always considered you one of my personal heroes, both for your unending cancer fight and for your incredible abilities on the bicycle.There will never be a cyclist quite like you, I'm pretty sure of that. It's unfortunate that you now find yourself embroiled in the PED controversy. I understand the evolution of the sport and how times change. Like you have said however, it does nobody any good to exhume the past 15 years ago, and it's wholly unfair to single you out as the evil villain that you have been made out to be in the public eye. I for one will always support you and look to you for your strength, your perseverance, and your dedication to sport and to life. Count me in your corner always.


Bruce W. Hoylman
Support provided by Bruce W. Hoylman on Nov 11th, 2013.

Hey LANCE!!!!!! Assuming that ALL the top cyclists took performance drugs, you won,so it came down to physical and mental toughness, technology etc.
Assuming that ALL the top cyclists did not take any performance drugs, it would still come down to physical and mental toughness, technology etc. You'd win. The bar was just raised that's all.
Posted by Sheldon Seeharack on Oct 31st, 2013.

You are and always will be an inspiration. The good you've done in the world won't be overshadowed.
Support provided by Aaron on Oct 26th, 2013.

Lance you still are the best cyclist on the planet..the top competitors ,as much as they like to pretend there not, ARE on a level playing field and the best are still the best..Dont let the haters bring you down. no matter what no human could do what you did or they would are the greatest cyclist to have lived and have done more for cancer reserch then the haters could dream of doing

Posted by matt on Oct 21st, 2013.

Lance, they're just jealous of your achievements. Let anyone anywhere in the world take anything they want and see who can win the Tour once let alone seven times. You're still my hero.
Support provided by Avroy Shlain on Oct 20th, 2013.

You're no perfect man , so what . There was only one . Ride Lance Ride . Pay your respects to those you know you should. Live for your family. There but for the grace of God go I. Livestrong my brother.
Support provided by Leo Pfaehler on Oct 16th, 2013.

Lance Forever, Ride on.
This one comes from jane on Oct 12th, 2013.

Lance, I need to say something. You're my hero. You inspire me to train harder and go faster than I ever thought I could. You'll always be my hero, my inspiration, and I hope you know how much you've done for the world, and most important to me, cycling. Keep riding hard Lance. You're the best cyclist of all time. Don't forget it buddy.
This one comes from David Brake on Oct 9th, 2013.

Keep the high spirit Lance! None of those people that pursue you today will be remembered in 50 years time, but you will be my friend. Good luck!!!
This message was contributed by Eduardo on Oct 2nd, 2013.

The media loves to create heroes almost as much as it loves to tear them down.
Hang in there Lance. You're one of the great ones. Wish you the very best. God bless you.
Support provided by Jim Byrnes on Sep 29th, 2013.

Honestly, with only one testicle, I cannot fathom how you did what you did, doping or not. As a med student it makes no sense to NOT take 'performance enhancing drugs' after you had been pumping TOXIC CHEMICALS into yourself to help you overcome cancer. USADA members have never laid in hospital bed contemplating wether or not brain mets are going to be the end of them. Frankly, they should put a clause that cancer survivors should be allowed to take whatever the hell they want! You will always be my hero whatever they say.
Support provided by Avinash Nayar on Sep 24th, 2013.

Lance, for me you are the 7 times winner of TdF and nothing can change this. I would never dare to condemn you or any other athlete. You are modern times gladiators sacrificing best years of your lives so that we can watch you riding, running, swimming. You are a hero, not an idol, you make mistakes just as much as I do. But who on earth thinks that doping is a "Mistake"! You are inspiration for athletes and also for all ill people, you are a hope that it is possible to win. Good job and keep riding.
This message was contributed by David Granat on Sep 13th, 2013.

Dear Lance, Everyone has made mistakes in their life and have done things they are not proud of. Its kind of like what Jesus said that Ye be without sin cast the first stone. You are such an inspiration to so many people. You were down with numerous cancers and dying yetfound the inner strength to fight and get strong and be an incredible athlete. That gives hope to other people with cancer that they can dig downdeep and overcome their illness. You also have done so much good for cancer research. In addition, I know you supported your ex girlfriend Cheryl Crow when she found out she had breast cancer. Yall had already broken up but you were there for her and supported her emotionally. That is a testament to your character. You have overcome a lot Lance and you are an incredible athlete and give hope to people battling cancer. I support you. Sincerely Karen
Support provided by Karen Sa vage on Sep 7th, 2013.

You are still the seven time champ to me! LIVE STRONG!
This message was contributed by Evan Tripp on Aug 29th, 2013.

Look at it this way. What was he gonna do? Ride Tours de France forever? Seems that would get a bit tedious. Round and round and round and round for eternity. Hell on the knees, not to mention all the accidents. That highly vaunted sport clearly has its limitations. So now he can switch up his life. See the USA, etc. Big deal, a little dent in the wallet from all the bloodsuckers. But he has a lot going on. Doesn't he own a bike shop in Texas? By now he's probably seeing the bright side, the rest of his life to just enjoy. God bless, Champ!
Support provided by Jane on Aug 7th, 2013.

Lance.......the best but become a victum of his time. Shame they make so worse for him while other sport people make the same. We are even not talking about the past........
This one comes from Jan holleman on Aug 6th, 2013.

The common man perceives performance enhancing drugs , like one of Merlin's magic Elixers, capable of performing grand miracles. In truth, drugs themselves, will not spontaneously turn anyone into a champion (let alone a cancer survivor, a champion, 7 times in a row). It is also important to realize, and admit, that doping is widespread among the top competitors, and this fact tends to nullify the notion that doping is a form of 'cheating' (at least, as typically implied). And with that considered, if one wishes to uphold that doping a form of cheating, than one must uphold that cartoned milk, exercise machines , and vitamins, are all forms of 'cheating'.

His exhaustive persecution, will not change that fact that the man is an amazing athlete, who deserves to become a legend.
Support provided by ztech on Jul 29th, 2013.

I stole a day off work today and just got back from a 138km ride.I want to thank you for introducing me to the sport, I was an aerobically addicted distance runner,I found the sport compatible with a devastating knee injury. I've been at it 15 years know and thrive on it. I watched the TdF this year and was amazed how Froome won the thing with the same strategy you used ( TT, climbing,teamwork). I was also amazed how diminished the coverage was without being able to mention it, especially while trying to glorify/recoup other offenders. You, not the French, introduced me to their culture( food, language commerce, wonderful geography, history). Over the years now, I have also come to appreciate every kilometer of those beautiful roads we have ridden on( mine much slower than yours no doubt). Sadly, I think the Tour has lost much of it's history in a period you were clearly competing on a level training field. Although I detest drugs in sports because it disallows historical comparison of athletes,the organizers must deal with offenders equally or they are offensive.
Lance, you are a young man, we've all corrected our mistakes, and I for one am waiting to follow the next great chapter of your championship characteristic. That is your pursuit of excellence. Merci!
Posted by Keith Young, M.D. on Jul 26th, 2013.

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