In light of the USADA's summary of testimonial evidence, and not wanting it to affect the organization in any negative way, Lance has stepped down as chairman of Livestrong - the charity he started in 1997.

As always, this site has been about support. Guilty or innocent, Lance has inspired and had a positive influence on the lives of thousands of people, including the hundreds of millions of dollars raised to fight cancer.

The real crime here is how the media and USADA has taken an international hero and brought him to his knees. Lance has done more good in his lifetime than any of us could even begin to do and this shouldn't be forgotten. Every person who has been inspired by this man should speak up and keep his light burning.


“Lance beat cancer, beat the best riders in the world in the Tour de France 7 times, and will beat the sore losers who were unworthy of victory and the double dealing forked tongue sponsors and corporations who are after only one thing – money. Why won’t the Cycling Association go after the No.2 through 10th place winners for the years Lance won the Tour de France? Because, for starters there is NO money to sue back, and two they would find that they probably all doped. I guess that is why they decided NO WINNER for those 7 years? Hmm?

The saddest aspect of this witch hunt is that the Cycling Association had to be so on guard for Lance Armstrong after his second Tour de France win that he must have been tested to the point of dehydration in years 3-4-5-6 and 7. In fact it is amazing that he had enough blood left in his veins to peddle down to the corner store let alone across France. To me the Cycling Association should be awarded the infamous “Fool me once, shame on you – don’t fool me no more” George Bush Award for exceptional incompetence.

Here is what I think, If you take 10,000,000 or even a 100,000,000 people, dope them like the Cycling Association claims Lance doped, here is what the conclusion would likely be; none of them would have even became a footnote in human history with regards to cycling championships. All would have had Lance Armstrong’s tire tracks down their backs.

I still claim, that if you’re doing coffee, you’re a doper!

I want a the Lance Armstrong Story in a MOVIE, and Lance can Star in it! Of course Lance can write the screen play. I want him to name all the names!!

Mike Askins at

We Support You Lance!

Lance Armstrong is currently the focus of a high profile investigation of alleged doping incidents during his cycling career. These allegations could potentially strip him of his accomplishments as a seven-time Tour de France winner. In the last few months Lance has endured a public display of the prosecution's findings, no matter how unreliable the sources. Every week even the smallest details are being leaked to the papers and internet.

In the meantime, he is still recovering from serious injuries suffered during the last Tour de France. All of this has weakened Lance, both mentally and physically.

We aren't looking for money, and Lance has no involvement in this website. His guilt or innocence is not what is being addressed here. We're appealing to the millions of Lance Armstrong fans all over the world - it's time that this international hero gets some support when he needs it most!

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Negative press seems to spread effortlessly across the media, but we're suggesting people invest their energy spreading a positive message instead. What better cause than a living legend who has actually used his fame to make the world a better place?

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Lance is one of the few remaining national heroes, and no one can deny his amazing story and the good he has done.

Just a Few Highlights:

  • To date, over $325 million for cancer research and programs to assist cancer patients has been raised through his Livestrong Foundation. The sale of over 55 million Livestrong bracelets and his various cycling campaigns have helped to promote cancer awareness.

  • His success in the Tour de France with seven record-breaking wins has contributed to both the popularity of the event, and the sport of cycling as a whole.

  • This was all achieved after recovering from testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain. Lance claims he owes his current success to his fight against cancer.

For those who are unaware of the Lance Armstrong story, we've included a brief BIO, and be sure to check out our list of famous Lance Inspirational Quotes.